What type of diamond best suits you?


We all know what Marilyn Monroe had to say about diamonds.

But when there is such a variety of diamond rings on the market, how do you know which to choose? Not only do they vary in style, carat and cut, but many people are unaware that diamonds can come in a multitude of beautiful colours. Despite making your choice undeniably harder when choosing the perfect engagement or eternity ring, a diamond’s versatility means you’ll be able to find one that fits the recipient’s unique style to a T. 

So, when finding the perfect diamond for that special person in your life, consider branching out from the usual and trying one of these.

White Diamonds 

White Diamonds are a classic piece. Traditionally used for wedding, eternity and engagement rings, these are the most popular diamond choice. When people typically envisage a diamond ring, a white diamond will usually be the one that springs to mind. However, the popularity of a white diamond is represented by its price tag. Often, if the cut, carat and clarity are all of a high standard, the price will match.

Blue Diamonds 

Blue diamonds are becoming increasingly popular, despite them being a rare find unless lab-grown. The blue colour is created by the concentration of boron in the diamond. The higher the concentration of boron, the more intense the colour. 

Often associated with elegance and sophistication, a blue diamond ring is sure to stand out for the right reasons as it makes its way down the aisle. 

Pink Diamonds

No one knows why pink diamonds have their subtle pink tone. It is suggested that a certain mineral is to blame. Whatever the reason, it creates a beautifully delicate colour that changes when light hits it. Looking at this diamond from certain angles creates a new vision every time which is a gorgeous and unique trait. 

Yellow Diamonds 

Yellow is often associated with joy and happiness; perfect for bringing a smile and an essence of warmth to that special someone. Yellow diamonds are favoured in the summer months and look particularly special when throwing a summer wedding or party. The subtlety of the yellow within the diamond makes it a tasteful and delicate piece of jewellery.

Orange Diamonds 

Orange diamonds feel somewhat exotic. The stunning orange tones in the diamond bring about a certain vibrance and would definitely be a standout piece next to your band of gold. Nitrogen related structural deformities cause the colour in this spectacular diamond and have been thought to evoke feelings of boldness, creativity, and energy – exactly the traits you need when planning a wedding!

Green Diamonds

Green represents life, growth and vitality, and looks stunning in the form of a green diamond. Diamonds develop their green tones through exposure to natural radiations but, the vibrancy can vary. For a stunning colour that looks beautiful all year round a green diamond might be a perfect choice. 

Whether you choose to go for a classic look or aim to strive for the extraordinary, a diamond is the perfect way to signify your bond with your partner and to show that, just like a diamond, your love for them will last forever.