Tips to Keep The Home Clean When You Have Kids At Home


Having toddlers at home is a lot to deal with. They are filled with energy, and spirit, throw tantrums and make the day much more fun. But all that energy and enthusiasm can put a lot on your plate when it comes time to clean the house. It’s not always possible to hire a live-in-housekeeper. So here are a few things you can do that are within your reach to keep the house clean with kids.

Put Everything In Its Place

The best way to keep your home organized is by keeping everything in its proper place. All your family members will need to know is the proper place for everything. The tricky part is making the place sensible for all the family members. You must keep the coffee mugs on the same side of the kitchen as the coffee maker; the coat rack must be placed near the door so people can hang their coats up as soon as they enter the room. 

If things are misplaced across the house, there is a high probability that things will end up on the floor, making them prime toys for your toddler. This is dangerous as you don’t want everything within your toddler’s reach. A good idea is to observe the habits of the family members and organize things in your home accordingly. This way, your house will be tidier, and things will be out of your toddler’s reach.

Declutter Regularly

If you want your kids to learn the specific places to put things away, you have to have a decluttered home. You can start by decluttering in the bathroom as you can easily pick items there to throw away, and you aren’t sentimentally attached to things in the bathroom. You might think that you are done once you make it through decluttering the entire house. But you must remember that completely decluttering a house is never achievable, especially if you have small kids. So keep in mind that decluttering is a regular and constant process to be effective.

Rotate The Toys

Decluttering the toys can be quite a task, especially if you have a lot of toys out all the time. You can establish a toy checkout system to save you from the hassle. This will allow you to put certain toys away for the week, only to bring them out at a later week to rotate the toys. You can put away a third of the toys in a back room. You can rotate mainly the games, puzzles, and stuffed toys in a bin in the back room. This way, as fewer toys are out in the open, it will be easier to declutter them and keep them organized.

Get Cleaning Routines Established

You should get cleaning routines established if you haven’t already. The best way to make your cleaning routine effective is to work it into your morning and evening routines. You can make your weekly cleaning routines easier by clearing the clutter on your daily cleaning. 

You can assign more responsibilities in your daily cleaning routines to your kids as they grow up. It is a good idea to teach them to have a daily cleaning routine of their own, such as cleaning up vomit on the carpet or stains from pets so that they can effectively keep their space organized and tidy. This way, you can perform the actual deep cleaning on the weekly cleaning routines instead of having to tidy up.

Keep Racks And Baskets Accessible TO Your Kids

Your kids won’t want to hang their coats up if they can’t reach the coat rack. Similarly, they won’t be able to put the dishes away from the dishwasher if the dish rack is out of reach. It will be a good idea for you to buy kid-height hooks and coat stands. You can also use open bins, so the kids don’t have to struggle to open the lids while tidying up the house.

Keep Your Surfaces Cleared

If you keep your surfaces cluttered, you or your children will be tempted to place something next to them. This is more because you would think that the surface wasn’t clean, so surely there would be no harm to adding a few more things to it. This way, soon enough, there will be too much clutter than you would like to imagine. The best way to prevent clutter from accumulating is to keep the counters and surfaces of your home clean.

Teach Your Kids How To Keep Their Rooms Clean

You can fix a day of the week, for instance, Monday, to clean the house, and let the kids know that it is the day they have to clean their rooms. You can guide your kids on how to clean their rooms from a young age, and soon enough, they will be able to do it independently. Initially, you can talk your kids through the process of cleaning their rooms, and if you see them working really hard, you can join them. Teach them how to put things that don’t belong away, put items in the appropriate places, and take out the trash and vacuum. 

Summing Up

Getting your kids to understand the importance of cleaning up after themselves from a young age can be very beneficial and a lifelong positive skill for them. By teaching them to clean their own space and the younger ones to pick up after themselves, you will be doing yourself a favor, as you cut your cleaning time significantly. So follow these cleaning hacks to keep your home clean when you have kids at home living with you.