12+ Wall Storage Ideas That Will Keep Your Home Nicely Organized

sources: Rain On a Tin Roof / Amazon

I’m always looking for new and functional storage solutions for our home. Although I like to think our place is pretty organized, it can always be even neater, right?! If you’re looking for ways to get clutter off of your household surfaces, you need to think outside the box — or more specifically, think the walls! Here are 13 wall storage ideas to streamline and tidy your home.

1. Hanging Bathroom Shelves


If your bathroom isn’t big enough to accommodate a cabinet, hanging wall shelves are a great alternative.

2. Wire Shelf Cookbook Storage

source: Rain On A Tin Roof

Fasten some wire shelves positioned on their sides to the wall in your kitchen for easily accessible cookbook storage.

3. Pegboard

source: The Creativity Exchange

A sheet of pegboard is a simple, inexpensive way to organize your garage, kitchen, craft room, and more.

4. Laundry Room Storage

source: Pinterest

Installing a closet rod in your laundry room is a great way to hang clothes. Throw in a shelf overtop of the rod for even more storage.

5. Murphy Bed

source: IndyStar

Murphy beds are so underrated! When dealing with a small space, they’re the perfect sleeping solution.

6. Floating Mason Jars

source: Amazon

Attach some mason jars to a piece of wood, fasten the wood to your wall, and you’re left with an effective yet stylish bathroom storage solution.

7. Leaning Desk

source: Khandzoo Home Decor

If you need a workspace but don’t want to take up a ton of room, a leaning desk is the answer!

8. Hanging Ironing Board

Use two coat hooks to hang up your ironing board! You could hang it on the wall or even on the back of your laundry room door.

9. Pallet Shelves

source: 101 Pallets

Repurpose some wood pallets into rustic-inspired shelving for your favorite possessions!

10. Corkboard Jewelry Organizer

source: Cort In Session

To ensure your jewelry stays organized and untangled, a corkboard and some pins are all you need.

11. Organized Playroom

source: homedit

This kids’ playroom is an organized oasis with the help of bench seating, rollout storage bins, and floor-to-ceiling storage shelves.

12. Shallow Shelves

source: Bob Vila

A set of shallow shelves is a space-saving storage alternative to bulky cabinets and bathroom vanities.

13. Fold-Down Craft Station

source: Amazon

A fold-down craft station (or gift-wrapping station) is a great solution for a tight space!