Tips On How To Have Total Control Over Your Privacy While At Home


Your home is where you should feel safe. It’s your castle, free from the prying eyes of strangers. Unfortunately, you don’t always feel this way. Are you constantly paranoid that they are snooping through your stuff? Well, there is a good chance that they are. Many people do not know or realize how to have total control over their privacy while at home. This guide will help you have the peace of mind that comes from being relaxed in your own home.

Secure The Doors

The first step to having total control over your privacy is to make sure you are the only one who can get inside the house. Make sure all doors are locked, including any garage doors. If you have the main door code on your front door, change it, so it’s longer and more difficult for strangers to crack into. You might be surprised at how many people who live in your neighborhood keep their doors open for anyone to walk in.

There are tens of thousands of break-ins every year, and it is almost 100% due to unlocked doors. Make sure if someone really needs inside, they have a key. Keep all doors locked when you leave the house. For added security, you can add an extra lock to the bottom of your door. This will make it much harder for anyone to pry open the door and get inside.

The Window Situation

We’ve all been in a situation where we have forgotten to close our blinds or shut our curtains before leaving the house. If people want to look inside your house, they will find a way. You could find already made situations here that can make peeping inside difficult for intruders. Make it harder for them by closing all blinds or curtains before leaving the house.

This rule also applies even if you live on an upper level of an apartment building or in a high-rise area where no one can see inside. Some people have been caught pretending to be up to no good by police, who were investigating reports of someone acting suspiciously outside. If you don’t close your curtains, people can easily see inside and may think you have a valuable item just sitting there on the table.

Light Up The Landscape

Place a few lights outside on your front porch and back yard. This will make it harder for anyone to hide as they watch you out of the darkness. If you have a dark corner in your house, chances are that someone can use that area to hide and watch you undisturbed. Make it difficult for any stranger by turning on a light and make your home a less friendly place to be for them.

Set Up a Security System

If you want to get serious about your privacy, set up an alarm system. They are relatively cheap and will always catch the burglars who try to break in. For most people, an alarm system is more of a deterrent than anything else; you hope that burglars will think twice before trying to break in with one.

You might not be the only person who wants to keep their home private and secure. There are countless stories of strangers breaking into houses, stealing items, and acting like they own the place. When you set up a security system, make sure to tell the police and make them aware that you have one. This way, if a burglary does occur, they can easily track down any suspects who try to ram your alarm system with their car.

Add Security Cameras

If you are really serious about having total control over your privacy, add security cameras. With ones that are on the market today, you can place them all around the outside of the house and even inside if desired.

You can find cameras that will send an alert to your phone or email whenever someone enters a certain area, like your front door. If you set an area around your door to alert you when a stranger enters, then you can prepare yourself for a potential confrontation.

Eliminate Hiding Places

If you have bushes, trees, or flower pots that are near the doors and windows of your house, you should consider trimming them or moving them. These can be used as hiding places for burglars who want to keep their distance from you before they break into your house.

A better alternative to bushes are plants that have bright-green leaves. These are not only attractive, but they are also much safer for your house than a hiding place like a bush. Even if you do trim the greenery down, make sure to leave yourself enough around the door and window so any potential burglars can’t use them as a hiding place. If you don’t have any areas that can be used as hiding places, this will eliminate a lot of burglars’ potential escape routes.

We hope you found this article helpful and informative. We wanted to provide some tips on how you can have control over your privacy while you’re at home, even if it doesn’t seem like much of an issue. Hopefully, these few simple steps will make a difference in the safety of your house or apartment for years to come.