Tips for a modern bathroom


 It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of the bathroom in our daily life. Not only its functionality but also comfort and interior play an essential role as this is the place where we usually start our day and take some rest and relaxation afterwards.

 If you compare the catalogues and offers of various rebuilding and remodeling companies within the last decades, you will see how significantly the design of the bathrooms went from just a place for washing to a full-fledged room with all accompanying items.

Remodeling and periodical refreshment of the bathroom is important for two reasons. First of all, the conditions of using it involve humidity which can easily lead to such unnecessary consequences as mold, spoiling of the materials and techniques and others. Secondly, it’s always better to keep the room up to modern tendencies to fully enjoy spending time there.

 Therefore, we gathered the most essential trends you can find nowadays within different designing companies for the bathrooms around the world. Of course, your perfect bathroom it’s your own choice and it can be totally different from the ones represented in the catalogues, but at least this information can help you to find some new ideas to implement when arranging a future refreshment of the bathroom interior.  

 Home SPA

 Even a couple of years ago this idea could be considered as something extremely luxurious and unnecessary. There was no sense to spend time and money for such an arrangement while you can easily find many professional and sometimes not too expensive SPA salons just across the street. But last year’s situation changed drastically and the usage of public areas was decreased. Meanwhile, the necessity to relax and forget about all the problems and stress is still taking place (and even more than before).

 SPA at your own bathroom is a great idea to adjust the current circumstances to your needs. Moreover, it can occur that all the arrangements will not be that difficult and expensive to implement.

 There are several key aspects you need to consider if you are willing to improve the overall atmosphere of the bathroom, and most of them don’t depend on the size or the construction of the room itself.

Choice of colors.

From time to time all of us are willing to add something new and sometimes even extravagant to our daily life, but in regard to the main color theme of the bathroom it’s always better to keep the neutral palette. Beige, light yellow or green, brown, grey – these were and still are the most popular and common colors as it’s much easier to get a proper relaxation for the body and for the mind within this color spectrum. Moreover, you have a great variety of the particular tints to choose from so in any case it will not look boring or too traditional.


 The choice of the texture of the main surfaces will significantly affect the atmosphere and also can help you to avoid difficult and regular cleaning processes. Matte instead of gloss, for example, is one of the most practical interior solutions. It also can be pretty helpful to use soft materials like carpets and towels so the tactile feeling will add extra relaxation and comfort on a daily basis.

Important details.

 With their help you can totally change the image of the room while they will not cost you too much time and effort to arrange. For example, it’s not so difficult to find some modest plants (they just need to be placed farther from the most wet spots of the bathroom) or to add decorative candles (which therefore will be very useful if you decide to arrange a proper SPA procedure in the bath).


 Today you can find thousands of light options for the bathroom and you definitely should not deal with only one main light on the ceiling. The main mirror is one of the most commonly used parts of the room (both by men and women) so you need to pay special attention to the convenience while using it. One of the most practical solutions here is to arrange an extra lamp just next to the frame while for daily use (especially for relaxation procedures) you can place special LED-strip lights alongside.

Alternative solution.

 It’s not obligatory to have a spacious room to make all the necessary arrangements for the home SPA. Even if it’s totally not possible to place a fully functional bathtub you still can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in a proper massage shower – today you can find numerous examples depending on your budget and particular requirements.  

 Minimalistic effect

 This trend will never be out of date and modern technologies help us to implement it into every sphere of our life. And here we are talking not only about the design itself but also about the equipment and furniture you can use in the bathrooms. Hidden shelves, multifunctional appliances, attention to details but at the same time a limited number of these details – all together will allow you to transform the usual bathroom into a place where you can enjoy all the technological achievements of the 21st century.

 Contactless sensor mixers are pretty commonly used in restaurants and other public places but not many people already reallised and understood its importance in our daily life. Another example is a shower with individual settings. As soon as you try it for the first time you will hardly be able to get back to the traditional showers as it helps a lot to turn the routine procedures into a smooth and comfortable daily experience. Finally, we cannot skip such a great achievement of Japan as a so-called Western-style toilet with all possible functions you may need (heated seat, automatic lip opener, different settings for the personal usage and many other bonuses). That is indeed a great example of Japanese minimalism.

Careful choice of colors and materials

 Despite the fact that every year designers and influencers set the most fashionable colors of the year, you can choose the one which will always be in trend. Here we are talking about such noble colors as natural tints (sandy, coral, brown with reddish), blue, green as well as beautiful replicates of the precious and semi-precious stones (emerald, amethyst,  malachite, tourmaline, sapphire, ruby and many others depending on your personal choice and the overall interior of the bathroom). You should also consider the harmony with the metal items you will have in the room such as railings, door handles, mixers etc. The most important thing here is to make sure that the colors and their combination are comfortable for the eyes and create a relaxing atmosphere.

 Another essential part of the decoration is the materials themselves. If you can afford to invest some extra money into the bathroom remodeling, you will never regret adding marble, natural stone, high-quality wood and glass. In combination with the proper colors, they will create a truly luxurious atmosphere and you will not need to do some changes and repairs in the near future. As an alternative, you can check with the rebuilding company in regard to the replacement of the natural materials. Modern technologies allow us to spend less money but to get a competitive result while using tiles and porcelain stoneware. You can even combine the original and artificial materials if they keep the same style and the level of quality.

 Tiles are also not the main and irreplaceable material anymore when we are talking about the remodeling of the bathroom. In the drier areas (like entrance, area around the mirror, rest area and others depending on the design of the particular bathroom) you can feel free to use such examples as washable wallpaper, decorative panels, moisture resistance painting and others. Therefore, it’s much easier to create a truly unique and original decoration of the room while it still will be practical and safe.

Right accents in the right places

  If we are talking about the bathroom itself, there are some few main points which will attract the most attention and which can be easily used to demonstrate your wishes and style. And of course, one of them is the sink.

Traditional white sink is still in trend but more and more people prefer to make a special accent on it choosing original and interesting colors. This is a great opportunity to adjust modern tendencies to your house just with one small detail. Otherwise, if you are still feeling more comfortable with the classic, at least you can make some difference by choosing original shapes, sizes or even by adding an unusual mixer.

 Meanwhile, if you check the catalogues of the famous designers of the bathrooms you will find many colorful options which still look stylish and perfectly fit the overall atmosphere and interior. Thus, black sink is one of the most popular alternatives as a black color itself is already bringing a luxurious image to the room. Matte or glossy, simple or of unusual shapes – in any case you will be fully satisfied with the result of such a decision.

 The only potential inconvenience with this choice is the necessity to take extra care of the surface of the sink but even though black color still has more benefits than the white one. To make things a bit easier, we advise to pay attention to the surface to avoid limescale appearance.

For the more exotic bathroom remodeling designers are offering all the variety of colors starting from the neutral beige and milky and ending with purple, pink and even golden. The main challenge in this case is to carefully adjust such a sink to the entire room without making it extravagant and tasteless. Moreover, if you decide to use bright and colorful items, all the rest of the decoration must be calmer and lighter to avoid “overweight” in the bathroom interior.

 The same can be said about the toilet. You can even make an accent on both of the items as soon as they are fitting the main theme of the bathroom. And it’s not necessary that the color of the sink, bathroom or the toilet is repeated in other details – it will be enough if it’s just matching the main theme.

 Some of these tips can be easily implemented almost in any house while others require more space and bigger investments. But in any case, whichever idea you like the most, nowadays it’s always possible to find a more affordable alternative. If you will do some basic investigations, you can release that even two similar tints of the same color of the bathtub can have a significant difference in price. That is why you should always check the options with your remodeling contractor (or even consider several of them at the same time) to find the best interior solution in your particular case.