The various delivery time for shipping parcels locally and internationally

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The timeframe for courier delivery services varies. More so, the delivery time may further vary if the destination of the parcel is a little bit further and not within the state or region. Also, the route you choose to deliver your package could determine the delivery time too.

Meanwhile, courier services have a standard delivery time for their various parcels whether their destination is international or local. Notwithstanding the timeframe, you need to track the parcel and you do so with the yanwen tracking tool developed by Ordertracker. When you don’t receive your parcel within the standard delivery time, then you may need to ask questions. 

What is the Standard Courier Delivery Time?

Courier services have a standard shipping time for most of their services. However, the route you choose plays a key role in the time set out for the delivery of the parcel. Furthermore, the standard time frame for domestic routes and standard shipping is approximately 1 to working days. Meanwhile, for international routes, the delivery time is between 3 to 7 working days.

Then some courier delivery times may take longer depending on the route too. Whether the route is further or not, what you need is the safe arrival of your parcel.

Does Express Shipping Time Differ from Standard Delivery Time?

Yes, express shipping delivery time is not the same as the standard delivery time. Also, express shipping simply means that the sender wants the parcel to be delivered in the nearest time possible. Therefore, the parcel will not go through the bottlenecks that may come with the standard delivery time. 

The timeframe for most express shipping delivery times is within 24 hours. However, for international deliveries, the parcel can be delivered in less than 3 working days. Moreover, there are some courier services that specialize in offering express delivery services. If you want an express delivery service, you would have to pay more than when you opt for standard delivery time. 

Nevertheless, even when you opt for express delivery service, if it is an international route that requires a customs check and the rest, then the delivery time may take longer. But the courier service knowing that you opted for an express shipping service will also take measures that will ensure that your parcel gets to the receiver on time. 

What is the delivery time for mail?

Usually, the time frame for mail couriers to deliver your parcel is within 1 working day. However, the time to deliver your mail will differ if the destination is international. An international mail may take between 4 to 11 working days. As earlier stated, this will also depend on the mail courier service that you choose. 

Nevertheless, if you opt for an express option then the time to deliver your mail will be shorter. For instance, if the mail is to be delivered locally, it may take just a couple of hours instead of 1 working day. Then for international mail delivery, it may take 3 working days instead of 3 to 4 days. But if the route you choose requires a series of custom checks then the time frame may not differ much whether you choose express delivery or not. 

Is Freight Shipping Faster?

Yes, the freight shipping pattern is faster. Depending on the location, freight shipping takes less than 1 to 3 working days. However, freight shipping is far more expensive compared to other means of transporting parcels. People who opt for freight shipping most often are companies who need their equipment on site as soon as possible. Also, very rich people prefer freight shipping because it is the faster method.


The condition of the parcel when it gets to the location should be your paramount priority. No matter the time it takes to get to the destination, your focus should be to use a courier service that will ensure that it arrives in good condition.