The Many Benefits of Remodelling Kitchen & Bathroom Spaces

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The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most essential rooms in your house, for very different reasons. The kitchen is where the family comes together to bond over food, conversation, and drink, while the bathroom is where we go for serenity, relaxation, and pamper ourselves.

These two rooms are also crucial for welcoming guests into your home, plus a beautiful bathroom or kitchen renovation can add value to your home. There are many reasons you might consider hitting the bathroom and kitchen renovation store and starting your professional or DIY project.

Before you start work or hiring contractors, it is best to consider what purpose you want your renovations to have. Here are some of the significant benefits you can enjoy with a well-planned renovation.

Improved Functionality

Renovations offer endless possibilities. Even though space is limited, you can still design the kitchen of your dreams. For example, adding hanging cabinets to your kitchen will give you more storage space if you don’t have much room in it.

Changing the countertop material can also help you maximise its potential. First, consider how you use your countertop most often and choose something that serves that purpose well.

Several materials to choose from include quartz, granite, soapstone, limestone, marble, laminate, recycled glass, and butcher block.

A renovation can improve the bathroom’s layout so that it’s more functional as well. By strategically placing amenities such as toilets, baths, showers, vanities and other essentials, your bathroom contractor will be able to maximise space and function.

Your Home Can Be Made More Energy Efficient

By renovating, you will also have the chance to determine where energy is being wasted. Experts estimate that a standard bathroom renovation project will significantly increase the overall energy efficiency, and you will save substantial amounts on your bills. 

This can be achieved by energy-efficient lighting, extractor fans, heaters, and shower fixtures. Small changes have a significant impact. For example, you can save around $650 over a decade on your electricity bill by replacing ten halogen light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs.

It is possible to reduce energy consumption in the kitchen by installing new appliances, which will help you save money in the long run by reducing energy costs. Additionally, you will save money and improve the sustainability of your kitchen by using water-efficient fixtures.

Combining water-efficient appliances and fixtures with sensible water use can reduce electricity and gas bills by up to 65 per cent (from reduced water heating) and water bills by 35 per cent.

Renovations Can Improve Safety in Your Home

An island is a very kid-friendly addition to the kitchen. An island is an excellent place for kids to sit and eat or just watch as their parents cook. With smaller kids, you can cook at counter height without putting them on stools or keeping them underfoot.

Because appliances are so heavy, they may appear to be stable, but they can also tip. The appliances in your kitchen can be built into the walls or cabinets to make it safer for your children or grandchildren.

Any bathroom remodelling project’s style, functionality, and design can be enhanced while keeping safety in mind. Existing bathrooms can also easily be retrofitted with safety upgrades.

Installing grab bars is a convenient and impactful way to improve bathroom safety, particularly for people with limited strength, mobility, or balance. In addition, a non-slip tub bottom should be the first consideration when choosing a new bathtub. Plus, Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets can be installed in all bathroom outlets to prevent electrical shocks.