The Benefits of Indoor Plants for Offices


The state and condition of a workspace significantly influences factors like employee engagement, productivity, and innovation. So, this leads to the question: how do you create the optimal space that will influence these factors in a positive way? One of the best things any organisation can do is to through incorporate indoor plants, which satisfies our natural biophilia.

According to scientists, biophilia is the innate desire of humans to connect with nature. Studies across the UK, Australia and the Netherlands prove the existence of this desire. Their research records a 15% increase in productivity when workers have a plant on their desk.

Without a doubt, upping your office decor with Greenleaf indoor plants offer plenty more benefits than just simple aesthetic appeal. If you are curious to learn just how some humble greenery can boost your work environment, read on!

Plants Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Studies show that a bit of greenery around the office can significantly reduce stress levels in employees. When the University of Technology in Sydney introduced plants to a workspace, they saw a notable drop in negative emotions. These are their results:

● 37% drop in anxiety and tension
● 58% decrease in depression
● 44% decline in workplace hostility
● 38% fall in exhaustion

Researchers are yet to determine the exact reason behind the stunning impacts the plants have on employees and the workplace in general. However, they do have a few theories. One is that the colour green has a calming and relaxing psychological effect. For this reason, having even one plant per workspace can promote a tranquil atmosphere.

Plants Promote Better Office Acoustics

If you were to list the benefits of indoor plants, better acoustics is probably not the first thing that comes to find. However, this is, in fact, an actual benefit of having greenery in an office! As per the Harvard Business Review, plants have excellent sound absorption capabilities and can muffle unwanted office noise.

Reduction in loud sounds is one of the reasons urban designers plant trees and shrubs around freeways. So, there is no reason why a similar concept should not apply to indoor spaces. With noise being the leading cause of workplace distraction, indoor plants are an easy, cost-effective solution. For best results, consider placing large pot plants in the corners and edges of rooms.

Plants Enhance Focus and Inspire Creativity

The role of nature in inspiring creativity is undeniable and the employees in an office environment are no different. The University of Exeter in the UK reported that workers with office plants around them showed a 15% increase in creativity.

So, you may wonder, what is it about plants that get your brain juices flowing? The answer is their vibrant colours and fragrant smells! Yes, these indoor plant traits can stimulate your senses resulting in a fresh flow of ideas and improved productivity.

Plants Help Boost Overall Health

One of the most notable benefits of having greenery around the workspace is fewer employee sick days. Not only do plants freshen up an environment, but they also act as a natural filter for toxins.

When you consider the physical properties of plants, it is no surprise that they improve our health. These little pots of flora release oxygen, moisture, as well as natural humidity. For this reason, workers with indoor plants around them have fewer respiratory problems. Therefore, indoor plants are beneficial for your mental and physical health.

Plants Have a Visual Benefit

Beyond their ability to calm our minds and lift our moods, plants also have a visual benefit. They are a natural addition to the workplace, so our eyes and brain strain less to focus on them. Research shows that the human brain puts in more effort to comprehend images that are uncommon in the natural environment.

For this reason, looking at plants can create an almost zen-like experience for employees, making them happier and healthier and ultimately increasing office productivity. Not to mention that a workplace teeming with vibrant flora also conveys a welcoming message to customers. They can lift the mood of visitors and help cement a positive brand image.

Plants Serve a Practical Purpose

While it is true that plants can have a number benefits for your health and well-being, that is not all. You can also use plants for purely practical reasons, such as creating a barrier between workspaces. Say you want to reduce the incoming light from a window. Well, if you position a plant pot just right, you can do so while maintaining your office aesthetics.

From hiding unattractive areas to filling empty spaces, the practical uses to pot plants are endless. It is no wonder that many offices are giving up the trend of minimal surroundings for these vibrant work environments.

Wrapping Up

Even a few indoor plants in your office can improve your work atmosphere, boost productivity and improve the mental and physical health of your employees. Low-maintenance, cost-effective, and offering a myriad of benefits, you could not ask for more from these gifts of nature!