Is Laminate Flooring Still the Most Convenient for Family Homes?

Laminate Flooring

Children affect houses. Furniture, room function, a space’s busyness – all these things need to be
adjusted to accommodate little ones running around. It’s easy to think of children and think of
bubble wrap, both for them and the house. A safe environment is paramount, of course, but that
environment must also be prepared for their energy, chaos, and enthusiasm to do things, to have
fun, to make themselves. Parents and guardians want to facilitate, rather than hinder.

Flooring is one part of the house which needs extra attention to detail paid to it. It will face plenty of
traffic during the day, but not just casual walking, but, possibly, running, jumping, skipping, and
sliding, as well as toys, spillages, and the routine tests that only children can put it through. This is all
without considering family pets, who contribute in similar but different ways. Flooring, then, must
be versatile, be an all-rounder.

As someone who is raising or looking after children, laminate flooring is often one that is suggested
by experts, and even friends and family who have taken their advice. Why is it so often labelled as
the most convenient for family homes, and is it still a great option?

Can it Take a Beating?

Longevity is one of the first things prospective buyers will be looking for in flooring. They want
something that will last. The timeframe for this will vary. Some homes are bought with the intention
of being sold, so the kind of investment for some flooring which will happily and convincingly last
decades may not be totally appropriate, but, to others, who have purchased their forever home, it
may provide what they want.

Can laminate flooring take a beating? It is very much known to. The two types of impact it’ll have to contend with are foot traffic and falling objects. This type of flooring is good at handling both. Standard-sized laminate is often the big seller, but many homeowners and landlords will invest in 12mm thick laminate. Its extra depth gives it stronger joints – which can make it easier to install as the grooves feel robust – and feels sturdier underfoot. Therefore, users can have both the naturally stoic qualities of laminate with that extra thickness if they so desire, upping that durability.

Will I Have to Actively Maintain the Flooring?

Laminate flooring is relatively easy to maintain. As we know, it can take a bit of beating. It may
eventually scratch, as its impossible to say it won’t ever. However, repair kits are a useful solution
for such occurrences, and, due to the click-lock installation common to laminate flooring, replacing a
plank or two won’t be drastically difficult.

How Clean is it and How Easy is it to Clean?

Maintenance takes a different form when it comes to cleaning. This is the active role you will take in
keeping your 12mm thick laminate, for example, looking its best. Manufacturers tend to provide
instructions on the best ways clean your floors but using mops or soft-headed instruments without
much water is generally the best practice, as are the usual methods of keeping your pets nails
trimmed, cleaning spillages, and wiping your feet.

All in all, laminate continues to be a strong and reliable option for many parents and guardians when
choosing flooring for their homes.