How to show your friends that you appreciate them

female friends

Throughout life friends come and go, but it’s important to continue to grow and have friends as they will be there to help you during your time of need. Here’s what you can do to show your friends how much they mean to you.

Why are friendships important?

Making friends is all part of being human. Through building friendships, you get to learn more about different people and their backgrounds, develop your social skills, and also learn how to problem solve. 

Having a good friendship group, or just one great friend can make a world of difference when you’re feeling down or troubled by something. This person will be there for you to confide in and will support you by giving you some suggestions of what to do next, or even just offering a shoulder to cry on. Friends can help you see a side of yourself that you never knew and are incredibly helpful with providing outsider opinions and solutions that your family or partner might not feel comfortable with bringing up.

How can you show your friend(s) that you appreciate them? 

You can show your appreciation to your friends by explaining just how much you value the time you spend with them and how they have helped you to grow. It’s sometimes hard to put this into words face to face, so you could write them a nice homemade ‘thank you’ card or take them out for dinner to get the message across. 

You can also show appreciation by aiming to keep in touch with your friends, if they reciprocate. Show interest in their plans and offer support when they are struggling. If you live a long distance away from your friend, try scheduling a time once a week or once a month where you can video call each other to catch up on life and show that you are still thinking of them. When you are in their presence, whether its via video call or in person, avoid looking at your phone or becoming distracted by other things. 

If you can afford to, you can always surprise them with a little thoughtful gift to show that you care. Small things like a bunch of flowers or a bag of chocolate coins will help to put a smile on their face and won’t set you back too much money. 

If you’d like to give them something more decadent, why not spend a day together at your favourite spa or café for afternoon tea?