How Dangerous A Leak In Your Home Can Be

Water damage is one of the worst forms of destruction in your home. The value of your property is driven down and such damage can lead to potential health and safety hazards. Generally, water damage occurs due to a leak, flood, or a blocked or burst pipe. Leaks tend to be the most subtle of all, especially the hidden leaks which can be almost impossible to notice. Often by the time you realize your precious house has leaks in some parts, the damage is done. So before you neglect those little water escapes, we share with you some conditions when a leak becomes dangerous for your homes.


Water damage drives the value of property straight down. Hiding signs of water damage can be difficult and this will have an impact on the overall property value. When water damage comes to mind, you may picture devastating events such as a hurricane or a flood. The previously mentioned tragic causes of water damage are undoubtedly going to affect the value of a property, and yet, something like a pesky leaky pipe can almost do the same.

Water leaks don’t always drip down in areas, instead, these leaks can run horizontally and cause damage to unexpected areas. Horizontal water damage can be found behind walls or under floors which will need to be stripped and replaced. Plumbing issues such as rusty pipes, leaky toilets or old water heaters can all trigger water damage.

Structural Damage

When water leaks occur, the walls will likely be soaked which will cause these walls to swell and lose their structural integrity. Important pillars and beams could also be damaged especially if exposed to the water for a while.

These damages will affect the structural integrity of your home, costing you expensive repairs and potentially posing a health and safety hazard. Water damage can also affect paint adhesion, corrode metal, rot wood and cause deterioration to other materials in the home. The folks over at suggest turning off your water supply when checking to see if you have a leak. Detecting water leaks early prevents you from being in a sticky situation in the future.

Mold And Mildew

Molds thrive in moist areas. Leaks, especially those that are hidden will cause mold and mildew to grow. The fungal growth can lead to damage in your home as mold and mildew can deteriorate materials. These also pose a large health risk, as mold’s airborne spores can trigger several health issues. Mold exposure is said to be linked to allergy symptoms, coughs, lung infections, and respiratory illness. These are severe in themselves and sometimes can go undetectable as it is difficult to trace these symptoms back to mold. Mold exposure can also lead to asthma, which can occur even if you’re healthy.

Long-term exposure to fungi is unhealthy for everyone, but infants, toddlers, elderly people, and those with existing health conditions or who are immunocompromised have a higher chance of developing severe symptoms quicker.

Expensive Bills 

Hidden leaks can cause your water and gas bills to skyrocket. The bills inflate because you are paying for water that you’re not actually using. The same goes with the fact that your air conditioner has to work more than usual to cool down the house, as the humidity will be higher.


Water leaks can cause issues to the foundation of the home. If you have a basement, a leak can cause irreversible damage. Water leaks can exacerbate any existing issues with the foundation. A great example is where the foundation may have moved slightly or cracks have formed. If water gets into those cracks, it can cause erosion of the foundation that can then lead to uneven flooring, cracks in the walls, or doors that are not able to close.


Leaks will cause moisture that attracts pests. The leak will soften the materials, allowing pests to eat or burrow their way in. When the wood has softened due to the water damage, this creates optimal conditions for insects such as termites or carpenter ants. The softened wood makes for wood-boring insects to easily chew their way into your property. These insects can also cause more damage by creating a colony and even lay their eggs.

Functional Concerns

The damage from a water leak can disrupt your day-to-day duties, especially if the damage has occurred in commonly used areas such as a kitchen, bedroom, or study room. The leak can also pose the risk of an accident such as a slip. Leaks in the pipes can also cause corrosion and affect the outdoor areas such as the garden or pavement.

Water leaks can cause considerable damage to your home. These unnoticeable water escapes can affect the value, cause structural and functional damage, and can also be a breeding ground for pest infestations. The damage can put you and your family’s health, finances, and property in danger so always look into getting those leaks fixed.