Hidden issues with older homes


Buying and selling properties is a stressful and tedious experience. When you finally find your dream home, you need to make sure everything is water-tight and safe to live in. Britain is full of period properties, with tonnes of character and charm. However, these traditional features often come with challenges like leaky roofs, outdated heating and even asbestos.

A modern property may be easier to move in to, but you will never be able to achieve the same level of history and charm as an original period home. Here are a few things you need to be aware of if you have just moved into an older property. 

Outdated heating

In the 70s, only 30% of homes had central heating compared to nearly 95% now. Older homes are less likely to have underfloor heating and smart boilers, which can reduce energy bills. Consider using electric heaters to keep your home toasty warm throughout the renovation process.

Old windows and poor insulation can be a huge energy and money drain. Before you begin any aesthetic work on the property, you should install central heating and a smart boiler. 

Fragile windows

Double glazing wasn’t popular until the late 70s, so most period properties have fragile single-glazed panels. Damaged windows can pose a security risk to your property and result in mould and dampness inside your home. Replace any mouldy or rotten windows before moving in, so you don’t have to spend your first few months in a cold and noisy home.

Presence of asbestos 

Asbestos is still present in some older properties, despite being banned in 1999. It’s estimated that around 14 million homes were built with this harmful material before it was illegal. The toxic substance can result in a type of lung cancer called mesothelioma, which impacts seven people per day in the UK on average. 

Asbestos can be found in floor tiles, pipe cement and thermal insulation in older homes. Always consult a professional to check for asbestos in a period property to keep you and your family safe as possible.

Leaking roofs

A leaky roof can be a huge cost if it is not dealt with immediately. A leak can damage the structure of your property and cause some severe health problems, especially in babies and older adults. A damaged roof will also increase your energy bills and lead to wasted energy as your home is not adequately insulated. 

Period properties often come with a high initial maintenance cost. However, it is essential for your home to be safe and structurally sound to live in before you begin the interior design process.