Giorgio Collection Furniture in Paramus

Giorgio Collection is an Italian furniture brand that is inspired by art deco. The company has been on the market since 1956. All this time, it has been making interior items that combine classics and futurism. Its furniture is based on geometric contours and smooth, winding lines. Check out the best samples from the Giorgio Collection

What are the main characteristics of Giorgio Collection furniture?

Every Giorgio Collection piece of furniture looks understated but definitely has an unusual detail that turns it into a work of art. For example, in an elegant and classic bookcase, a shelf in a form of a slanted step can suddenly appear. Or the classic rectangular-shaped table cover suddenly curves, like a waterfall, and goes to the floor, becoming a table leg.

Giorgio Collection chooses restrained deep colors: graphite, silver-gray, beige, black, muted gray-blue, etc. Interior items are often decorated with elements of gold or silver color. They are always neat, like a stroke of a brush, and add perfection to the furniture.

Brand’s favorite materials are wood, stone (for example, marble), and metal. Giorgio Collection is not indifferent to transparent surfaces. You will find many tables with glass tops.

Leather, nubuck leather, velvet, velour, or suede fabric is often used for covering upholstered furniture. As a rule, the client can choose the covering material themselves.

Designers like to play with rounded corners in tables and cabinets. At the same time, they love polygonal surfaces. Octagonal ottoman, table, or mirror? Why not, let’s create some!

Which Giorgio Collection furniture can be purchased in Paramus?

In the Paramus store, you will find selected furniture from different collections. Here, you can buy:

  • Sofas. They are often huge and take up a lot of space.
  • Beds. No modesty. All beds are huge and comfortable.
  • Armchairs. They are always functional and often have high backs. Decor or details never conflict with comfort.
  • Ottoman, benches. Designers usually abandon classic shapes and make them pentagonal, oval, etc.
  • Tables, cocktail tables. Original forms and a combination of different materials (for example, metal with wood or metal with stone) are their main features.
  • Bases for TV. They are heavy, often in dark colors, but always with interesting elements, such as cut-out shaped holes instead of handles.
  • Buffets, dining vitrines, bars. They usually have many open and transparent surfaces.
  • Mirrors. They are treated like canvas and are always a work of art. Typically, mirrors are made of several elements or have an irregular shape.

The assortment also includes dressers, outdoor sunbeds, chaise longues, and many other pieces of furniture. You can view all of them in the company’s catalog. 

We advise you to pay attention to Giorgio Collection if you are a fan of avant-garde design. Such items will suit a classic-futuristic interior in restrained muted tones: brown, gray, and beige. They will definitely make your apartment or house elegant and full of high taste and comfort. Check all the options, find what you like and need, and enjoy luxurious atmosphere and perfect quality.