Air Conditioner Repair: When To Call a Professional

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Did you know that the average air conditioner costs about $5,651 with installation? However, AC repairs are usually the go-to option for homeowners instead of buying a brand new system.

Homeowners can save even more money by doing simple HVAC repairs on their own. But some issues require professional AC repairs to fix the problem safely and efficiently.

The following guide will explain how to know when it’s time to call in the pros to fix your HVAC system.

Air Flow Issues

It might be time for professional repairs if your HVAC system isn’t producing much or any cold air. This issue can be very dangerous in extremely hot months if you have anyone in your home sensitive to extreme heat. 

A dirty filter might be the problem if your AC system appears and sounds like it’s working, but isn’t creating enough cold air. In that case, simply clean your filter or replace it completely each month.

If maintaining the filter doesn’t fix the problem, that means you have a more serious issue with your system. Have a qualified AC company out to identify the airflow issue and possibly discover more problems as soon as possible.

Strong Smells

Your AC system shouldn’t produce any kind of noticeable odor if it’s working correctly. If the air smells musty or moldy it might be because of water accumulation. 

The water accumulation usually happens in the drain lines and ducts of your HVAC system. Professionals can deep-cleaned your system to solve this issue quickly.

Burning odors might mean that your system is seriously overheated. Shut off your air conditioning system right away if you smell burning to prevent a fire and call for repairs immediately.

If you smell a sulfur-like odor coming from your ducts it might be that natural gas is leaking into your AC system. This can be dangerous and potentially deadly so turn the system off and call your utility company for advice.

Odd sweet odors might indicate that a refrigerant leak has contaminated your air supply. Call for repairs immediately because inhaling refrigerants might cause harm to your lungs and allergic reactions.

Electrical Problems

Wiring and other electrical infrastructure problems can also result in major AC issues. Check your thermostat for error codes and monitor if your system only works on specific settings.

Sometimes you can fix these issues by changing the fuses in your fuse box. But other electrical issues could result in property damages and fires if they’re not resolved. 

Unless you have advanced electrical and wiring knowledge, the safest option is to call a professional AC repair company.

Ready for Air Conditioner Repair?

Now you know when it’s time for professional air conditioner repair services and when you can fix it yourself. Remember this guide and consider hiring a pro before your AC issues cause harm to your home or loved ones.

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