5 Tips for Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor


Finding the right roofing contractor is easier said than done. You want to find someone trustworthy, reliable, and reputable to complete the job. Hiring the wrong contractor could leave your roof in disarray. Experts recommend consulting with experienced Portland roofers to discuss all your options before deciding on a contractor. 

Subpar work increases your risk of roofing problems like water damage, structural damage, and costly repairs. Some so-called roofing experts are scam artists, and the following tips can help you avoid these types and find someone in your local area that can get your roof back into peak conditions:

Find A Local Contractor

Portland roofing contractors will be familiar with all of the seasonal hazards that put your roof at risk. Finding a local contractor can reduce your risks of being scammed while supporting your community. 

Local contractors will also have a working knowledge of the regulations and building code that may affect your next roofing or renovation project. This local expertise could save you money by helping to ensure that you get the job done right the first time. Local contractors will also know where to find the materials and have the relationships in the community to get you better deals. 

Conduct Your Research

Homeowners have to do their due diligence to avoid being taken advantage of. Sometimes that includes evaluating contractors and conducting research into their business. One way to do this is to ask them for references and by checking out the contractor online in local listings like the Better Business Bureau to look for complaints, reviews, and ratings.

Review Their Licensing Qualifications

According to the local government in Portland, all contractors need a contractor license to conduct business legally. Sometimes homeowners save a few dollars by hiring an unlicensed contractor, but this could lead to more problems in the future, including legal ones.

Unlicensed contractors won’t have the insurance necessary to cover liability. That’s why it’s important to contact the insurer to verify the contractor’s coverage and that the policy is still active.

Roofing comes with many risks and potentially fatal injuries, so it is crucial to protect yourself by finding a reputable company that is licensed with all of the necessary coverages that protect you and them in the event of an accident. 

Compare Prices

Rather than hiring the first company that comes up on your search, roofing professionals suggest comparing a few different contractors to ensure that you find someone qualified to meet your roofing requirements. 

A cheaper contractor may not fully understand your roofing needs or take shortcuts using inferior products or methods and leave your roof in worse condition. Choose a company that offers a free estimate or bid so that you can sit down with them to get all the details of their assessment before deciding. 

Confirm All The Details In Writing

Before you let the contractors onto your property, it’s imperative to get all of the details you discussed in writing. The written contract offers protection for you if the roofing company fails to follow through with its guarantees. Contracts can also protect your rights if someone is injured.

Check the details of the contract before signing to ensure it matches what you discuss with the roofer. Portland roofing professionals understand the importance of standing by your work. That’s why they suggest choosing a company that offers warranties to support the quality of their work.