5 Rainy Day Activities For Curious Children

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Most children simply love the outdoors and are curious to go exploring in wet or dry weather. However, when kids venture outdoors to play in the rain only to return with mud on their shoes and dirt on their knees, you may soon get tired of them playing outside. Muddy clothes and little tracks all over your clean floors can become difficult to deal with, even for the most patient parents. 

By having a few rainy day activities up your sleeve to keep the kids entertained, however, you can rest a little easier when the weather outside is not cooperating. There are countless budget-friendly ideas you can experiment with that’ll be sure to keep your curious entourage occupied on rainy days. Not only will these activities keep them from nagging to go outside, but they will also stimulate their imagination and development through play. 

Let’s take a look at five simple but fun rainy day activities that are guaranteed to keep curious kids entertained.

1. Make Music

Music is more than just a universal language. In addition to encouraging appreciation for sounds and movement, playing musical instruments can help improve literacy skills as well as bolster your children’s communication. One of the best things about music is that there are so many ways to enjoy it. You can listen to it, sing to it, play music games, or you can make music using bought or homemade musical instruments like guitars, drums or imaginary pianos. Even a set of pots and a wooden spoon can keep a little one entertained for hours, practising to become the next Angus Young.

Research has often shown that toddlers especially benefit from playing with percussion, so be sure to provide them with anything noisy that can be tapped, slapped, scratched or hit. Not only does it build motor skills, but it also supports sensory development, enhances hand-eye coordination, encourages perseverance and patience, and accelerates brain development.

2. Create Art

Arts and crafts are quite honestly the perfect indoor activities on any rainy day. Depending on the age of your child or children, and the availability of glue, paper, cardboard, loose parts, and paint, the only limitation should be your child’s imagination. Some firm favourites include seasonal art posters, self-portraits, masks, gift bags, greeting cards for the grandparents, or even photo frames or fridge magnets.

3. Cook Or Bake

Spending time in the kitchen, the heart of any home, is a great way to bond as a family. Toddlers and preschoolers just love to bake cookies. But why stop there? Involve them in all your food preparation. Simple, age-appropriate tasks could include stirring, pouring, or mashing ingredients under close supervision. 

4. Build Something

Whether you’re using building blocks, sticks, or blankets, creating something is a great way to foster a sense of accomplishment and enjoy a fun toy afterwards. Involve your child in every step of the process and offer them opportunities to choose materials or methods to make them feel in charge.

5. Embrace the Mess

If you’re feeling brave, and the weather is safe enough for a messy outdoor excursion, bring out some old clothes and take the kids outside. This is an excellent time to enjoy the outdoors, as rainfall inspires some interesting sensory experiences. Let your kids dance in the rain, and frolic in the mud and wet grass. Their senses will be filled with the incredible scents of the earth and the sound and feel of the raindrops on their skin. You can even take this experience to a new level by sailing an origami boat in a nearby puddle or stream. 

Don’t Let Wet Weather Ruin Your Plans For Fun

Just because the rain spoiled your plans for a day of fun in the sun, doesn’t mean that has to stop the kids from playing and learning. With their vivid imaginations, it takes little to really nurture your child’s interests and enhance their development. Whether you choose to teach them life skills or arts and crafts or take advantage of the opportunity to encourage their love for nature, these activities will all help to keep your children entertained as well as ensuring that your family continues to create lasting memories together.