Should You Wash New Dishes and Cookware Before You Use Them?

source: GreenPan

When it comes to unwrapping shiny new dishes or unboxing that brand-new cookware set, the excitement is real. But hold on a minute – should you dive right into cooking up a storm, or is there a case for giving those pristine pieces a good wash first?

Let’s break it down. The packaging may promise cleanliness, but a quick rinse might be in order before you get cooking. Here’s why.

Dust and Dirt Adventures:

Picture this: your beautiful new dish set sitting on a shelf, patiently waiting to grace your dinner table. While it may look untouched, it’s had its fair share of adventures on its way to your home. From the factory to the store shelves, these items can pick up dust and dirt along the way. A gentle wash ensures you’re starting with a clean slate.

Factory Residue Residues:

Manufacturers often apply coatings or substances to protect dishes during transit and storage. These residues can be harmless, but it’s always a good idea to give your new pieces a quick wash to remove any lingering factory extras. A rinse also helps to eliminate that ‘new’ smell and taste, ensuring your culinary creations shine through without any unwanted flavors.

Who’s Been Handling Your Goods?:

Before landing in your shopping cart, your new cookware and dishes may have been handled by various people. From factory workers to stock clerks, these items can change hands multiple times. While the intentions are good, a wash is a simple step to ensure that the only hands leaving a mark on your dishes are yours.

Shipping Surprises:

Ever wonder how many bumps and jolts your new cookware set endured during its shipping journey? The answer might surprise you. The contents of the shipping box can shift and knock into each other, potentially causing tiny chips or scratches. A pre-use wash helps you catch any unnoticed imperfections and ensures you’re aware of the condition of your new kitchen treasures.

Germs, Germs, Germs:

Although the risk is minimal, it’s worth noting that your new kitchenware might have been exposed to various environments before making its way to your home. A swift wash helps eliminate any potential germs that might have hitched a ride, ensuring your kitchen remains a haven of cleanliness.

While it’s tempting to leap into culinary adventures with your new dishes and cookware straight out of the box, a quick wash is a small step that goes a long way. It ensures a clean slate for your kitchen creations and helps you kick off your cooking journey with confidence. So, the next time you unwrap that shiny new set, give it a splash of water and a gentle scrub – your taste buds will thank you later!