Retired Couple Places a Small Home Next to Their Children to Be “Near Their Grandchildren”

source: Youtube/Tiny House Expedition

Are you ready to embark on a delightful adventure with Bonny and Ty? This couple’s decision to live in a simple yet comfortable tiny home has transformed their lives in the most remarkable way. With their two kids now having families of their own, Bonny and Ty find themselves with seven adorable grandkids. And if they ever want to visit their loved ones, their son is just a short half-mile away, while their daughter resides in Kentucky, a mere 10-hour drive using their trusty RV.

Nestled in the Tiny Estate Village in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, their preowned tiny house, aptly named “Journey,” was crafted by Liberation Tiny Homes. Perched overlooking a tranquil pond, this cozy abode provides Bonny and Ty with the perfect spot to unwind and immerse themselves in breathtaking views.

Initially, their tiny house served as a rental unit on Airbnb for two years before they decided to make it their own. Measuring only 28 feet by 8 and 1/2 feet, this petite dwelling has surpassed their expectations, leaving them more than satisfied with their decision.

source: Youtube/Tiny House Expedition

Curious to peek inside this enchanting home? Let’s take a tour!

As you step inside, you’re greeted by the warm and inviting farm-themed interior, carefully curated to reflect Bonny and Ty’s love for the rustic countryside. The living area features two cozy chairs, providing the couple with a comfortable space to relax during their downtime.

Adjacent to the living space is their cleverly designed dining area, complete with a space-saving side table attached to the wall. To maximize efficiency, Ty, a skilled woodworker, constructed a bench that neatly tucks beneath the side table, saving even more precious space. Talk about ingenuity!

source: Youtube/Tiny House Expedition

Opposite the dining area, you’ll find their small bar and office combo. This multifunctional space allows them to enjoy a refreshing drink from the top shelf while attending to any printing needs with the conveniently placed printer below. It’s a practical and compact solution for their daily tasks.

Being avid boaters, Bonny and Ty found inspiration in their shared love for the water. They ingeniously repurposed shoe bins as storage compartments for their shoes, keeping them organized and out of sight.

source: Youtube/Tiny House Expedition

On one side of their tiny home, the kitchen area boasts an abundance of storage space, ensuring that every cooking essential has its place. With a gas burner and a compact air fryer at their disposal, preparing delicious meals has never been easier. And just across the way lies the storage area, which doubles as their dresser, cleverly integrated into the stairs leading up to their bedroom loft.

source: Youtube/Tiny House Expedition

At the end of this charming dwelling, you’ll discover the bathroom, cleverly designed with a sliding door to optimize space usage. Equipped with a toilet, a shower, and a small sink, this little oasis offers all the necessary amenities within arm’s reach.

And now, for the grand finale—the sleeping loft. Situated just above the kitchen and bathroom, this cozy nook features a comfortable queen-size bed, enveloping Bonny and Ty in peaceful slumber. With remotely controlled lights and windows on both sides, they can easily adjust their environment to create the perfect ambiance for a restful night’s sleep.

source: Youtube/Tiny House Expedition

Of course, adjusting to life in a tiny home did come with its challenges. As a 6-footer, Ty initially struggled with the low-ceiling loft. But over time, they have grown accustomed to the cozy dimensions, finding solace in the peace and tranquility their tiny house provides.

Tiny Estates has given Bonny and Ty the incredible opportunity to embrace a simpler lifestyle without sacrificing comfort. Living in a small space has not only brought them closer together as a couple but has also allowed them to cherish every moment spent in their cozy haven.