White Claw Slushies Are The Newest Happy Hour Trend And Yep, You Can Pour Me One

source: TikTok/alexvictoria69

I remember when White Claw first hit the scene – people were lined up around the block for weeks, just trying to get their hands on this popular vodka soda beverage. Well, White Claws are still super popular (and delicious) on their own, but creative Happy Hour-lovers have also divulged a new cocktail recipe involving White Claw.

source: People via @juliaabner/@jakynieves

Behold, the White Claw slushie. Choose your favorite White Claw flavor (my current picks are lemon, raspberry, and ruby grapefruit). Next, grab your favorite fruits – fresh or frozen will both work. Toss in a splash of your favorite hard liquor (vodka, rum, and tequila would all taste amazing). And add in some ice for an extra slushy consistency. Throw all of those ingredients into the blender, and there you have it – a marvelous White Claw slushie.

source: Hip2Save

Just because the summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean you can’t sip on one of these bad boys. The White Claw slushie is truly the perfect refreshing Happy Hour drink – no matter what the temps are outside. It’s no wonder the White Claw slushie trend is taking over TikTok. Thanks for sharing the breakdown of this delicious, trendy new drink recipe, PopSugar!