Where Popular Bottled Water Is Actually Coming From

source: Business Insider

I try to limit my purchase of bottled water for the environment’s sake, but there are definitely still times when I’m out and about and need to buy some. I had no idea until recently that bottled water actually comes in two varieties: purified water, which comes from local water sources (tap water) and natural spring water, which comes from springs across the United States.

source: TheGrand101 / Global News

Business Insider revealed where each popular water bottle brand actually comes from. Check out the list below to see where your favorite water is actually sourced from!

Dasani: Purified water, local water supply

Nestle Pure Life: Purified water, well or municipal water

Aquafina: Purified water, public water sources, 40 bottling facilities in the U.S.

Poland Spring: Natural spring water, springs in Maine

Smartwater: Purified water, municipal water systems

Deer Park: Natural spring water, springs across the U.S.

Ozarka: Natural spring water, springs in Texas

Crystal Geyser: Natural spring water, springs across the U.S.

source: Natural Mineral Water from Malaysia

Although you may not care about where your water comes from, it’s worth noting that purified water from municipal water systems is just plain old tap water, and a bottle will cost a lot more than a glass from your sink! If you’re only interested in drinking natural spring water, note the above brands which source their water from natural springs across the United States.