12+ Unique And Pretty Ways To Wear Your Hair In A Bun

sources: Jessica Attie / Instagram/@kristin_ess

Buns aren’t just hairstyles suited for ballerinas! And they’re also not just for throwing your hair up after the gym. There are actually lots of unique and pretty ways to style your hair in a bun that are certainly not boring or bland. Here they are!

1. French-Braided Bun

source: Camille Styles / Jessica Attie

How pretty is this reverse French-braided bun? It may seem complicated, but it’s truly not. Click here for the list of instructions.

2. The Double Bun

source: Style Me Pretty / photographed by Irrelephant Blog

This double stacked bun is classic with a modern twist. Click here for the photo tutorial.

3. Half Bun With Pin

source: Cosmopolitan / Instagram

This half-up, half-down hairstyle with a messy bun is so effortlessly chic. Stick a single pin through the bun for some added detail.

4. The Sock Bun

source: Slices of Samantha

The secret to a perfectly voluminous bun? A sock! Click here for the simple tutorial.

5. French Twist Bun

source: Verily Mag

There are few hairstyles so elegant as the French twist. Click here for four easy steps that will help you copy this style!

6. Cotton Candy Bun

source: YouTube/DeAdria Brown

A cotton candy bun is a big, voluminous style with some soft pieces around the bun. Click here for the video tutorial.

7. Top Knot With Faux Bangs

source: YouTube/Tiff Benson

Want to try out bangs for a day without making the commitment? Click here for a video tutorial demonstrating how to do a top knot hairstyle with faux bangs.

8. The Low-Rolled Bun

source: Fabulous Freeda

This hairstyle is classic and elegant enough for work, but can also be easily worn during a night out. Click here for the simple steps.

9. Messy Side Bun

source: YouTube/Luxy Hair

Ever wondered how to do a messy, effortless-looking side bun? Click here for the great video tutorial!

10. Slick & Sleek Bun

source: Health Magazine

If you’ve ever wondered how to do a slick and sleek, ballerina-inspired bun, today is your lucky day! Click here for the step-by-step tutorial.

11. Fishtail French Braid High Bun

source: YouTube/Missy Sue

Admittedly, this bun hairstyle will take a little more effort than many of the ones on this list. However, it would be the perfect style to sport at a wedding or more formal event. So pretty!

12. The Undone Bun

source: The Beauty Department / photographed by Kristin Ess

The “undone bun” combines an effortless-looking bun with a messy, textured pony. Click here for the step-by-step tutorial.

13. Braided Bun With Bow

source: Join The Mood

How sweet is this slightly messy, braided bun with a bow fastened underneath? Click here to see the simple photo tutorial.

Now that you have a whole bunch of beautiful bun hairstyles up your sleeve, you’ll no longer have to ask yourself the dreaded question – “What am I going to do with my hair?” Happy styling!