10 Ways To Use Ice Cream Cones (Besides For Ice Cream!)

source: Tablespoon

You probably think that ice cream cones have one use and one use only – for housing scoops of delicious ice cream. However, did you know that ice cream cones can actually be used for a bunch of non-ice-cream-related purposes? Well, you do now! Here are 10 clever yet unexpected ways to use ice cream cones.

1. Snack Mix Cones

source: Taste of Home

Use ice cream cones to contain kids’ snacks like dried fruit, cereal, pretzels, and nuts.

2. Cone Bird Feeder

source: 30Seconds

All you need is some bird seed, ice cream cones, peanut butter, and string to make your own DIY bird feeders!

3. (Edible) Christmas Village

source: One Good Thing By Jillee

Use upside-down ice cream cones as “trees” the next time you make a gingerbread house village during the holiday season.

4. Cone Cupcakes

source: Java Cupcake

These cones may look like they’re holding ice cream, but those are actually cupcakes with frosting inside!

5. Cone Kahlua Shooters

source: Tablespoon

How fun would these Kahlua shooters in ice cream cones be for an adults-only party?!

6. Cone Cake Pops

source: Otis Spunkmeyer

I can rarely visit a Starbucks without getting a cake pop. If you, too, love cake pops, you’ll love the idea of cake pops sitting atop mini ice cream cones!

7. Cone Milkshake Topping

source: {Not Quite} Susie Homemaker

Since a milkshake is essentially just melted ice cream, it deserves to be topped with an upside-down ice cream cone, don’t you think?

8. Cone Seedling Starters

source: Book of Joe

Did you know that ice cream cones make for the perfect seedling starters? Well, now you do!

9. Cone Fruit & Yoghurt Cups

source: Cooking Mamas

For a healthy alternative to ice cream, fill ice cream cones with yoghurt and fruit.

10. Cone Pie Crust

source: Food Network

Crush up ice cream cones either by hand or using a food processor. Press the cone crumbs into a pie dish and use for a sweet pie crust!