10 Tips For Making Groceries Last A Lot Longer

source: YouTube/Clean My Space

There are few things that frustrate me more than food that’s gone bad. Groceries are pretty expensive, so food that goes rotten in the fridge is like money gone down the drain. Plus, it’s just plain old wasteful. Fortunately, there are a few insider tips out there that will help make your groceries last much longer. Thanks to Clean My Space for sharing this awesome information!

1. Berries

source: Foodal / Shutterstock

Have you ever noticed how quickly berries seem to go bad after you buy them? When grocery shopping, it’s important to look for the berries packaged in containers with small holes in the top and and a paper square lining the bottom. Both of these features help to absorb ethylene gas, which makes the berries ripen and become rotten extremely quickly.

2. Celery

source: PopSalt / SodaHead

This is one of the best fresh food secrets out there. To keep celery crunchy and fresh, wrap it in tinfoil before putting it in your fruit and vegetable crisper drawer in the fridge.

3. Tomato Paste & Sauce

source: How Ornament My Eden / Alamy

I very rarely find myself using the entire can of tomato paste or jar of tomato sauce when cooking a recipe. The leftover product tends to sit in the fridge until it goes bad, then becomes unusable. The solution? Pour leftover tomato paste and sauce into an ice cube tray, then freeze the tray. When you need the paste or sauce for a recipe, all you’ll have to do is warm up a frozen cube or two.

Are these tips genius, or are these tips genius? To see seven more awesome hacks for keeping groceries fresh for longer, check out Clean My Space’s video below!