Why You Should Toss Any Spices Made In Baltimore, Maryland?

source: Facebook/McCormick Spice

Among the countless foods that expire, you probably don’t think of herbs and spices as being one of them. Spices don’t necessarily go bad, but they can definitely lose their flavor over time. However, there are certain spices in your pantry that you should be throwing out immediately — and that’s any McCormick spice that was made in Baltimore, Maryland.

In a message posted to Facebook, McCormick Spice explained that if a spice jar made by them in your pantry shows that it was made in Baltimore, Maryland on the label, that spice is at least 25 years old. McCormick was founded in 1889 in Baltimore, and remained there for about 100 years until they decided to move their manufacturing center to Hunt Valley, Maryland.

source: WorthPoint / eBay

Another way to determine whether or not your spices are old is to note that McCormick hasn’t packaged spices (with the exception of black pepper) in rectangular tins for over 25 years. Although ground spices are good for a few years, anything older than that should be tossed. Now that you know this information, check your spice labels!