12 Telltale Signs A Person Was Raised Right

source: Fabulous Betty / Flickr

There are certain things that my parents instilled in me from day one. I was taught to always treat everyone with kindness and respect, regardless of how different they might be from me. I was also taught never to show up to someone’s home empty-handed. I was taught that being early is always preferable to being late. These life lessons make someone into the person they’re meant to be, and they’re extremely important. Here are 12 telltale signs that a person was brought up in the right way.

1. Shows Gratitude

A well-rounded person always says thank you, and appreciates what others have done for them. They will also work hard to return the favor, and will never let an act of kindness go unnoticed.

2. Lends A Helping Hand

A person who was raised correctly will always help out, even when it’s not asked of them. They will always assist with tidying up, chores, and other tasks, simply because they know that it’s important to be helpful.

3. Includes Others

A good person will always include everyone, regardless of their background, race, gender, sexual preference, etc. They will always make everyone feel welcome and respected, regardless of how different they may be.

4. Respects The Time Of Others

A well-rounded person values the time of others, and will always show up early or on time for this reason. When they make a plan, they commit to it. Because nobody likes a flake!

5. Accepts Responsibility

No one is perfect, but a person who was raised right knows to accept responsibility when they have done something wrong. They don’t blame others, but work towards remedying the situation.

6. Listens

Whether it’s to their parents, grandparents, coworkers, or friends, a well-rounded person listens to others, and follows directions when need be. They are not unruly or argumentative.

7. Displays Manners

A person who was raised correctly always says please and thank you, practices appropriate table manners, and is the first person to help clean up a meal.

8. Displays Patience

A well-rounded person is patient, and knows that good things come to those who wait. They will always wait their turn, and will always put other people before themselves.

9. Respects Others’ Property

A person who was raised right always respects the property and space of others. They will be mindful when in someone else’s space, and will treat their property the way they would expect their own property to be treated.

10. Always Willing To Lend A Helping Hand

A well-rounded person is always the first to help, simply because they know it’s the right thing to do. They will always help someone cross the street, help an elderly person with their groceries, or do any other task that makes life easier for someone else.

11. Is True To Their Word

A good person will always act on their word. They understand the importance of commitment, and hate to let anybody down, regardless of the situation.

12. Does Not Flaunt

A person who was brought up right will never flaunt money, or talk about things that only make them look good. They are humble, and do things out of the goodness of their heart — not because they expect to be rewarded or recognized for it.