11+ Creative Ways To Use Coffee Filters

sources: Today's Homeowner / This Old House

If you have a coffee machine in your home, then you likely have a box of coffee filters somewhere nearby. Although coffee filters are certainly used to make, well, coffee, did you know that they also have a bunch of other great uses? Here they are!

1. Clean Your Devices

source: Samsill

Did you know that a coffee filter is the perfect thing to wipe down your cellphone, iPad, and other devices? It will clean the screen without scratching or damaging it.

2. Keep Soil In Place

Before potting a plant, place a coffee filter in the bottom of the planter. The filter will keep the soil and water from leaking out the bottom.

3. Soak Up Grease

source: DeviantArt

Is your pizza absolutely soaked in grease? Just use a coffee filter to absorb it! Quick, easy, and effective.

4. Protect Dishes

If you’re moving and need to pack up breakable dishes, use a coffee filter as a liner between each one. It’s a quick and cheap method of protecting your breakables.

5. Scrub Pans

source: iStock

Coffee filters are quite tough, but they won’t leave scratches on anything. Because of these reasons, they’re a great thing to use when you want to scrub pots, pans, and baking dishes.

6. Freshen Up Gym Bags

To prevent your gym bag from holding on to unpleasant odors, place some baking soda in a coffee filter, then secure it with an elastic band. It will absorb and eliminate any funky odors.

7. DIY Bowls

Because of a coffee filter’s circular shape and sides, you can use one in place of a bowl for dry snacks if you’re ever in a pinch.

8. Clean Windows And Mirrors

source: Curbly

Coffee filters are soft and free of lint, so you can easily swap out your paper towels and use them to clean windows and mirrors.

9. Clean Stainless Steel

Coffee filters are a safe and effective way of cleaning your stainless steel appliances and hardware. They’ll leave everything streak-free and shining.

10. Grease Baking Dishes

Instead of using a piece of paper towel to grease a baking dish (which can leave behind lint residue), use a coffee filter to do the job.

11. Spoon Rest

Don’t have a spoon rest? No problem. Just rest a sauce-covered spoon on a coffee filter instead.

12. Catch Dripping Foods

If you’re eating something messy that’s prone to dripping (popsicles, pitas, tacos, etc.), place a coffee filter under your food to catch all of the drips.