6 Unexpected Uses For Aspirin

source: LifePress magazin / Getty Images

For decades, Aspirin has been one of the go-to drugs for relieving headaches and minor pain issues. Many people also take Aspirin regularly to ward off heart disease. However, it might surprise you to learn that Aspirin has multiple different uses that aren’t related to health whatsoever.

1. Lessens The Appearance Of Pimples

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If you wake up with a big zit, crush up an Aspirin and mix it with a bit of water until it forms a paste. Apply the paste to the pimple and it will reduce the inflammation and swelling.

2. Increase The Life Of Cut Flowers

source: Goodfullness / Mountain Scholar

If you want cut flowers to last longer, crush up one Aspirin and add it to the water in the vase before plopping the flowers in.

3. Removes Sweat Stains

source: wikiHow

Sweat stains on white clothing can be nearly impossible to remove. Just crush up three to four Aspirins, then add them to a bowl of warm water. Soak the piece of clothing in question in the water, then wash as you normally would.

4. Promotes Hair Health

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For a clean scalp free of dandruff, mix three to four crushed Aspirins with a dollop of shampoo, then wash and rinse your hair as you normally would.

5. Fixes Drywall Holes

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If you want to patch a small hole in drywall, make a paste using crushed Aspirins and water, then simply rub it into the hole.

6. Soothes Bug Bites

If you have an itchy or sore bug bite, crush up one Aspirin and mix it with water until it forms a paste. Apply the paste to the bug bite and rinse off after 20 to 25 minutes.