Son Renovates His Basement To Create A ‘Granny Pod’ For His Elderly Parents

source: YouTube/Caters Clips

As our parents (and grandparents) get older, there are difficult conversations to be had about whether or not it’s safe for them to live independently. While some people can afford to bring in at-home care for their aging parents, many elderly people are required to move into retirement and nursing homes. But Schon Miller and his wife Jeanie didn’t like this latter option.

Schon’s parents were getting older, and it was no longer viable for them to live alone. Schon and Jeanie started researching long-term care homes in their area, and were unpleasantly shocked at most of the options. So, they started house hunting for a new home with an in-law suite. When they couldn’t find one, they decided to renovate their current home.

source: YouTube/Caters Clips

And so, the couple transformed their basement into a fully functional granny pod. They installed multiple features that would ensure Schon’s parents could live there safely, including safety rails in the shower and bathroom.

When Schon revealed the renovation to his parents, their reactions said it all. Check out their heartwarming reaction to their new home in the below video:

Schon’s parents are still quite independent, but it was evident they needed to be close to family in case they needed some assistance. Now, they have their own unit but in the comfort of their son’s home. Sounds like a win-win situation for everyone!