Get Rid Of Your Pet’s Fleas With Dawn Dish Soap And Table Salt

source: Facebook/Hannah Burgess

From spring to fall (or all year if you live somewhere warm), fleas can plague our pets and our homes. Once your pet contracts fleas, they can be seemingly impossible to get rid of. However, one fur mom discovered a genius solution for getting her dogs to be free of fleas.

source: Shutterstock

Hannah Burgess took to Facebook to share her genius flea-fighting solution. After doing some research on Pinterest, she discovered that Dawn dish soap (the blue kind) and salt is all you need to get rid of fleas. Apparently, the Dawn kills adult fleas, while the salt kills the eggs. Hannah revealed that while washing her dogs with this solution, the fleas were falling right off.

Pretty simple, right? This is a great solution because you likely already have both of these items in your home, and if not, they are super inexpensive. Before trying out pricey flea treatments, why not give this one a go? Just remember to rinse your pet thoroughly afterwards!