9 Plants That Are Virtually Impossible To Kill

sources: Facebook/Veriko Ko / Smart Garden Guide

I’m okay when it comes to taking care of outdoor, very low-maintenance perennials. But when it comes to indoor plants, it feels like all I have to do is look at them for them to wither and die. Fortunately, there are a few plant varieties that are extremely hardy. That is, they are virtually impossible to kill if you’re like me and don’t have much of a green thumb for indoor plants! Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Christmas Cactus

source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac via Shutterstock/Nadezhda Nesterova / Shutterstock

Christmas cacti like bright, indirect light and should be planted in pots with good drainage holes. When the top layer of soil feels dry, water the plant thoroughly until water escapes from the drainage holes. It’s especially important to water well when the cactus is flowering!

2. Air Plant

source: Gardenista/John Merkl / Air-plants

Air plants are so easy to care for – they don’t even need soil, and they actually shouldn’t be planted in soil. They like bright, indirect sunlight, and should be watered once a week by dunking them in a sink full of water for about 10 minutes.

3. Snake Plant

source: The Spruce/Alonda Baird

Snake plants are air-purifying plants that prefer consistently bright, indirect light. Let a snake plant’s soil dry completely between waterings.

4. Spider Plant

source: Flickr/madaise

Spider plants are extremely adaptable and easy to care for. Ideally, they like bright, indirect light, a well-draining pot, and to be watered frequently – just be sure not to over-water, which will lead to root rot.

5. Peace Lily

source: Pro Flowers

Peace lilies are beautiful air-purifying plants. They like partial shade and will tell you when they need water, as the leaves will start to slightly droop. If you have dogs or cats, a peace lily is not the plant for you. They are toxic to dogs and cats.

6. Prayer Plant

source: The Spruce/Adrienne Legault

The prayer plant got its name because the leaves open and stay flat during the day, but fold up into “praying hands” at night! They like indirect sunlight, and you should water frequently – as soon as the soil starts to become dry.

7. Aloe

source: Smart Garden Guide / Shutterstock

Aloe plants are soothing, fast-growing plants with many uses! Plant them in a pot that offers lots of room for the roots to grow. Aloe likes direct sunlight and to be watered thoroughly (in a well-draining pot).

8. String of Pearls

source: Smart Garden Guide / Shutterstock

String of pearls is a very unique-looking plant that likes bright, indirect light. The best time to water is when the pearls start to look slightly shriveled – it means the plant is thirsty!

9. Zebra Haworthia

source: World of Succulents / Intercambiosellos

The zebra haworthia plant likes full sun, but can also do well in less bright areas. Soak the soil and let it dry out completely between waterings.

Hopefully these hardy plants have given you some inspiration for filling your home with beautiful, air-purifying houseplants. I know it has for me!