Introducing The Pineberry: A Strawberry That Tastes Like Pineapple!

source: Instagram

Strawberries and pineapples are two of my absolute favorite fruits. And so, I’m sure you can imagine my utter delight when I discovered that a fruit combining the two actually exists: the pineberry. Pineberries look like reverse strawberries – they’re white instead of red, but their little seeds are red. And instead of tasting like a regular red strawberry, they taste more like pineapples!

source: BambooPlants

You may be thinking that a fruit this unique must be genetically modified. However, the pineberry is simply a result of cross-breeding between the wild South American strawberry (which grows throughout Chile) and the North American strawberry.

source: T&T Seeds

If you’re looking to try this exciting little fruit, you’ll have to be quick about it. Pineberries are generally only available for about five weeks in the late spring and early summer. You can also buy and grow your own pineberry seeds or plant if you’re feeling adventurous!

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While pineberries aren’t currently widely available, chances are that over time, their popularity will grow and so will their yield. If you’re interested in trying this fruit, just be sure to keep an eye out at grocery stores in your area between May and June, or inquire if the stores are planning to receive any shipments. I had never heard of the pineberry until quite recently, but now I’ll definitely be on the hunt to try them!