People Are Transforming Old-School TVs Into Super Cool Cat Beds

sources: Instagram/@sissthemiss / Instagram/@vintageinteriorxx

Remember back in the day, far before the flat screen TVs we have now, we had those very boxy-looking ones with the dials on the front? You don’t see too many of those nowadays, but if you happen to see one lying on the side of the road or buried in the corner of an antique shop, don’t pass it by! Some creative people out there have been transforming those old-school TVs into adorably retro cat beds.

Seriously, how cool is that? It looks like this creative cat-lover removed the TV’s inner parts (the glass, cords, etc.) and applied a pretty wallpaper to the back wall. Plop in a plush bed, pillow, or blanket, and your cat will have a cozy nook to chill out in.

Here’s another furry friend who has their very own retro-TV-turned-cat-bed.

I don’t know about you, but this is definitely the most stylish cat bed I’ve ever laid eyes on.

I love the addition of the “Meow Time” script.

A retro dream come true!

Props to these creative cat-lovers for upcycling old televisions into such fun, unique cat beds that really do become statement pieces of decor. I’m obsessed!