Creative Parents Build Their Daughter A Space-Saving Playroom

source: Apartment Therapy

I’ve always marvelled at how some people are just so creative. What impresses me the most is when people come up with unique, space-saving solutions for their homes. And that’s exactly what we’re going to show you today!

Angie, her husband, and their daughter were living in a two-bedroom townhouse, and they were in desperate need of a separate work and play space. This got Angie to thinking, why not build a loft out of all the unused space in their two-story foyer?

Angie’s husband and his father built a little nook into the upper level of their foyer that makes for the perfect work and play space. With a little carpentry knowledge, this project actually wouldn’t be that difficult to complete.

Angie accented the sleek hardwood floors and white walls of their new office/play space with a modern-looking white desk and shelves. She added in pops of color with a striped rug and lots of bright toys.

Hats off to Angie and her family for coming up with such a unique solution to their space dilemma! Thanks to Apartment Therapy for sharing this great story and photos.