Family Of 5 Turns An Old Trailer Into Their Dream Tiny Home

source: arrowsandbow/Instagram

The tiny home craze hit a few years back, and it doesn’t appear that it has plans of slowing down any time soon. The decision to simplify your life and live in a condensed amount of square footage isn’t an easy one, but that’s exactly what one family of five (yes, five!) chose to do.

Ashley Petrone, her husband, and her three children all live in a renovated camper trailer. From start to finish, it only took them three weeks to completely renovate. The Petrone family made the decision to live in the trailer on their own land, which would cost them little to nothing in the long run.

The trailer is so bright and airy, it’s truly hard to believe that it’s a trailer at all. Use the arrows below to see what the kitchen looked like before Ashley and her family worked their magic! How beautiful is that patterned backsplash?

Although their tiny home is absolutely charming, it definitely took the family some getting used to. Ashley is extremely honest in her posts about the trailer, explaining that downsizing into such close quarters was not an easy feat. However, the interior is designed so practically, and it’s absolutely stunning.

Every detail in the trailer was thought out in regards to practicality. Ashley and her husband’s cozy bedroom features built-in storage for clothing to free up valuable floor space.

You might be wondering where on earth three young kids fit into this trailer. They have triple bunk beds, of course! Each child has a bin at the end of their bunk that holds their clothing. Although the Petrone family doesn’t plan on living in the trailer forever, they knew that they had the opportunity to do so while their children are still small. Before long, they will move to a regular-sized home.

Every detail of their tiny home, right down to the washroom, is absolutely packed with charm. The patterns, colors, and small details within the trailer really make the place feel warm and homey.

Ashley’s chronicles of trailer life are refreshingly honest, unlike many other bloggers we see on the daily. She explains that they have good days and they have bad days, and sometimes, she feels ready to give it all up and throw in the towel. But at the end of the day, Ashley loves the tiny home that she and her family built together, and knows that she will cherish these memories when they are ready to move into their next home.

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