This Nougat Recipe Will Remind You Of Christmas As A Kid

source: Facebook/Vicki Suddaby

If you’ve never tried nougat before, you are seriously missing out. Nougat is a type of sweet treat that’s usually made with whipped egg whites, crushed nuts, dried fruit, and other sweet ingredients. Nougat is the perfect treat to make around the holidays, and the recipe we’re about to share with you is so simple, you’ll definitely want to try it.

Thanks to Vicki Suddaby for sharing this nostalgic recipe!

source: Jamie Geller

To make nougat, you will need:

2 tablespoons of butter

2 bags of mini marshmallows (250 g per bag)

2 bags of white chocolate chips (225 g per bag)

2 cups of gumdrops


Step 1: In the microwave, melt the butter, marshmallows, and chocolate chips until smooth.

Step 2: Mix in the gumdrops, then spread the mixture onto a 9 x 13″ baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Step 3: Chill overnight in the fridge. The next day, cut into squares and serve.

Notes: This recipe uses baking gumdrops, but you can probably also use jujubes (they wouldn’t be as chewy). You can also use nuts and dried cranberries in the place of gumdrops if you wish. When you take the mixture out of the fridge, allow it to warm to room temperature for a few minutes. This will make the mixture easier to cut.

Nougat:2 tbsp Butter2 bags Mini Marshmallows (250g per bag)2 bags White Chocolate Chips (225g per bag)2 cups…

Posted by Vicki Suddaby on Wednesday, September 5, 2018