4 Mistakes People Make With Their Car’s Air Conditioning

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If you live somewhere with hot summers, then you know how important your vehicle’s air conditioning system is. No need to bake in a hot, stifling car — just turn on that A/C! However, did you know that there are ways to make your car’s air conditioning run much better? Here are four common mistakes people make with their vehicles’ air conditioning and how to correct them.

1. Turning The Vents The Wrong Way

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Although you may want the air conditioning vents aimed on your face or chest, positioning the vents this way won’t actually make your car all that much cooler. If you tilt them upwards slightly, the air will circulate in your vehicle much more effectively.

2. Cranking The A/C Right When You Get In Your Car

As with your car’s heating system, its air conditioning system takes a few minutes to start really working. When you crank the air right as you get in your car, the system has to work much harder and will get worn down faster. Put the A/C on a lower setting and open the windows for a few minutes before closing them and turning the air conditioning on a higher setting.

3. Waiting Too Long To Turn The Air On

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First thing in the morning, it’s generally not warm enough outside to require using your car’s A/C system. However, if you wait too long to turn on the air, your windows will begin to fog from the inside. Even when it’s still cool outside, turning the air on a low setting will prevent this fogging from happening.

4. Not Maintaining Your Car’s A/C System

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Like all aspects of your vehicle, the air conditioning system needs to be maintained, too. In addition to the filters being replaced, the compressor needs to be checked and maintained. Talk to your mechanic to ensure the proper maintenance is being completed.