The Circles On GLAD Container Lids Have A Little-Known But Super Effective Use

source: Twitter/@mamaaGracie

As much as I like to think I know things, I often find myself experiencing one of those truly light bulb moments that makes me feel a bit silly afterwards. And one of those moments happened just now, after learning that a common household product that I have been using for years has a specific use that I had absolutely no clue about.

source: Musings of a Northern Girl

Twitter user Gracie posted an innocent snapshot of how she meal preps for her family. Her post shows her preparing food, and then how she packs the food afterwards. In one photo, Gracie shows a GLAD container with one of those circle imprints on the lid. Well as it turns out, that circle on the lid actually has a very specific meaning that I had never once heard about.

Gracie shows that you can actually attach a small container to the underside of the lid to hold sauces, dressings, or liquids. This way, the other contents of the container won’t get soggy, and you can simply mix the two together right before you’re about to eat. So simple, and yet hundreds of people in the comments on Gracie’s post also had no clue about this function.

source: Today Show via GLAD/Critical Mass Inc. / GladWare

Well folks, there you have it. Now you can pack salads, veggies, and tortilla chips separate from dressing, dip, and salsa (among many other things!). I’m going to be looking at my own GLAD containers in an entirely new light after learning this great tip – and I may even have to grab a few more the next time I’m at the grocery store!