Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver’s Tips For Making The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

source: YouTube/Jamie Oliver

A grilled cheese sandwich is undoubtedly one of the most classic, all-American foods out there. Grilled cheese is quick, simple, cheap, and tastes delicious with some tomato soup on a cold day. It’s pretty hard to mess up making a grilled cheese, but there’s also one way to completely elevate this simple meal. And that’s by following celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s genius method.

Jamie Oliver explains that his method for making a grilled cheese or “toastie” will make it crispy on the outside with a crunchy “cheese crown,” but soft and gooey on the inside. He uses a simple white bread and suggests using whatever type of cheese is your favorite (although you can never go wrong with a good cheddar).

He uses a box grater to grate the cheese, then butters both sides of the bread pieces. After sandwiching the cheese between the bread, he places the sandwich in a pan on low-medium heat. He cooks the sandwich for about three minutes and places some weight on top, so that the sandwich becomes perfectly flat.

Although Jamie explains that many people would be happy with the grilled cheese at this point, he takes his to another level. He grates a layer of cheese right into the bottom of the pan, then places the sandwich back in. After a minute and a half, he adds a tiny pinch of cayenne into the melted cheese.

He then carefully flips the sandwich upside down and holds it there. This is what forms the “cheese crown.” He then puts a little more grated cheese in the center of the pan and places the other side of the sandwich on top. After another minute and a half, he removes the sandwich from the pan and lets it cool for about two minutes.

And that’s it! Jamie’s method for making a grilled cheese ensures that it’s soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, and full of flavor all around. To see this method for making an elevated grilled cheese, click on Jamie’s video below.