A Great Hotel Hack For People Who Travel Often

Whether it’s for work or for pleasure, for many of us, traveling is a part of life. I used to travel for work once a month, and that involved being put up in a number of different hotels. I don’t mind staying in hotels from time to time, but they definitely don’t allow you to experience all of the comforts of home — such as doing laundry whenever you want.

Yes, many hotels offer laundering services. But you generally have to pay to have your clothes laundered, and depending on the demand, you might not be getting your clothing back before you need to pack up and leave. And that’s precisely where this brilliant hack comes in.

Say you’re staying in a hotel and you accidentally spill something on the pair of pants you need to wear for tomorrow’s event. If something like that were to happen, don’t panic! All you have to do is place a small plastic bag over the bathtub or sink drain, then place a few coins on top of the bag to weigh it down. By doing this hack, you can soak your clothing before hanging it to dry (or use the blowdryer, if you’re in a big rush!).

Having to stay in hotels isn’t always fun or convenient, but little tips like this one can help make your stay far more enjoyable.