How To Make Hamburger Steak With Savory Onion Gravy

source: Kraft Foods

If comfort food was slightly better for your health than it is, I would eat variations of comfort food three times a day. But, we must remember that comfort food is good for the soul, and that’s important too! Speaking of comfort food, what sounds more delicious than hamburger steak with a creamy, savory onion gravy? I certainly wouldn’t mind if that dish appeared right before my very eyes right this second!

source: Pillsbury

The food blog Deep South Dish generously shared their recipe for hamburger steak with creamy onion gravy that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater. Although the name of this recipe may sound similar to Salisbury steak, there is no bread used as a binder in this recipe – only eggs. Keep in mind traditional Salisbury steak recipes use both bread and eggs as a binder.

source: AllRecipes

What I like most about this recipe is that it’s no fuss and no nonsense. The steak patties require very few ingredients, and you can cook the onion gravy in the same skillet you used to make the steak patties. All the ingredients combined into one dish makes for a warm, comforting meal that you can whip up in no time flat on a busy weeknight.

source: Low Carb Maven

So without further adieu, click here for the full recipe and ingredient list from Deep South Dish. With the colder weather approaching (where I live, anyways), I can definitely see this becoming a popular recipe in my home over the winter. Thanks for sharing this delicious and classic recipe, Deep South Dish!