10 Pieces Of Housekeeping Advice Our Grandmas Passed Down To Us

We tend to have a pretty special relationship with our grandmothers. Not only do they love us unconditionally, but they also carry a ton of wisdom about many aspects of life. If there’s one thing grandmas know how to do, it’s to keep an immaculate house. Read ahead for 10 housekeeping secrets our grandmas passed down to us that we’ll pass down to the next generation!

1. Do A Thorough Clean With Each New Season

You know the importance of spring cleaning, but grandma knows that your home deserves a thorough cleaning with the onset of each new season. With each new season, take the opportunity to wash your windows, shake out any rugs, vacuum out cupboards, and sort through your closet.

2. Use Flour-Sack Tea Towels

Instead of using paper towels and generating tons of waste, invest in a pile of flour-sack tea towels. They won’t leave lint or residue on your dishes, and they dry extremely quickly. If they’re good enough for grandma, they’re good enough for us!

3. Use The Products That Grandma Would

Old-school products are still around because they’ve survived the test of time. Use tried and true cleaning products like Bar Keepers Friend, Castile Soap, distilled vinegar, and baking soda. They just clean like others products can’t.

4. Clean As You Go

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You’ll save yourself time and a big headache by cleaning little messes as you go. While you’re cooking, clean the dishes you’ve just used. If you spill makeup or toothpaste, wipe down your bathroom sinks right away. Tackling small problems is far easier than tackling one giant list of cleaning projects.

5. Don’t Buy Rags, DIY Them

There’s no need to go out and buy rags when you can just make them yourself. Cut up any old t-shirts or other old fabric and add them to the cupboard under your kitchen sink. You can use them to clean anything around the house.

6. Air Out Your House

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Grandma knows that nothing deodorizes a house like some fresh air. When it’s a mild day outside, throw open every window in your house to generate some airflow. You won’t believe what a difference some fresh air will make in your home.

7. Whiten Your Whites The Natural Way

To naturally whiten your white clothing and linens, just use lemon juice. Pour some lemon juice into a tub of hot water, then soak your whites for about an hour. Then, just wash them as you normally would.

8. Upcycle Old Linens

If your white tablecloths, napkins, or other linens are looking a little old, grandma would never toss them. Instead, she’d tea stain them. Click here to learn how to tea stain your old linens.

9. Unleash The Power Of Vinegar

You can use distilled vinegar to clean a number of things in your home. Grandma knows that securing a plastic bag filled with vinegar around a clogged shower head will make it run like new in no time. Just leave it on for a few hours and let it soak.

10. Practice Good Habits

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A little bit of daily effort goes a long way. Practice good habits each and every day like always making the bed, putting the dishes away, taking out the garbage before it’s overflowing, and sweeping the floors.