6 Depression Era Recipes That Are Quite Tasty

source: Daily Mail

During the Great Depression, money and food were both extremely scarce. Families across the world in the 1930s had to get quite creative, simply so that they wouldn’t starve. This inventiveness definitely showed in the common food dishes of the Great Depression, so we’ve compiled some of the best recipes that came out of this era. Not only are they incredibly cheap to make, but they’re also quite tasty!

1. Potato Pancakes

If you have potatoes and oil, you can make potato pancakes. This recipe includes a few other ingredients like flour, egg, and onion. However, it’s still super cheap to make!

2. Chipped Beef On Toast

source: The Meaning of Pie

This typical Depression era recipe involves making a cream out of very few ingredients, and pouring it overtop of toast, along with some dried beef. It may sound gross, but it’s actually quite good.

3. Depression Era Soup

source: Kitchen Getaway

One of the most common soups served during the Great Depression was this one. It involves using potatoes, green beans, onions, milk, a hint of butter, and that’s it!

4. Hot Water Cornbread

source: The Spruce Eats

If you have boiling water, cornmeal, and some form of shortening, you can make this quick, easy, and yummy recipe.

5. Prune Pudding

Pitted prunes, a bit of cornstarch, and a dash of sugar are really the only things you need to make this Depression era sweet treat.

6. Poor Man’s Meal

source: Daily Mail

Everyone ate the poor man’s meal during the Depression. This recipe is essentially some potatoes, sliced hot dog or sausage, and onion cooked in one pan (plus any other veggies you happen to have lying around!).