11+ Uses For Wax Paper Around The House

source: ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com

Wax paper isn’t just useful for baking! This versatile kitchen product can be used for a number of purposes around the house. Read through this list of wax paper tips, and go stock up right away!

1. Preserve Wine

source: Achill Cottages

If you’re unable to get the cork back in a wine bottle, you can stuff some wax paper in the opening to keep it fresh.

2. Clean Your Floors

source: thisoldhouse.com

Attach a piece of wax paper to your Swiffer to collect dirt and dust while also waxing your wood floors.

3. Polish Chrome Faucets

source: The Happier Homemaker

To polish chrome faucets and prevent hard water stains, rub chrome fixtures down with a piece of wax paper. This will also make the water bead up instead of stain.

4. Unstick A Zipper

source: Christie Moeller

If you’re dealing with a stuck zipper, run a piece of wax paper along the zipper’s teeth.

5. Prevent Crusty Paint

source: The DIY Playbook

To keep paint fresh and prevent dried, crusty paint from forming around the edge, put a piece of wax paper over the opening before fastening the lid.

6. DIY Funnel

If you need an instant funnel for cooking or baking, you can easily make one out of some wax paper.

7. Protect Cutting Boards

source: Between Carpools

Line a wooden cutting board with wax paper, especially before cutting raw meat. That way, the wood grain is protected from the juices and potentially harmful bacteria.

8. Protect Gardening Tools

Gardening tools can quickly become filled with dirt and rust. To protect them and keep them free of rust, rub them down with a piece of balled-up wax paper.

9. Prevent Microwave Splatter

source: HubPages

If you’re heating something up in the microwave that’s prone to splattering, just place a sheet of wax paper over the dish.

10. Line Fridge Shelves

By lining the shelves in your fridge with wax paper, you can protect them from spills, crumbs, and sticky messes.

11. Prolong The Life Of Wooden Utensils

source: Homespun Seasonal Living

To protect and seal wooden cooking utensils (and cutting boards), rub them with a piece of balled-up wax paper.

12. Fire Starter

source: ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com

A piece of wax paper wrapped around an empty toilet paper roll makes for the perfect fire starter!