8 Genius Ways To Use Pegboards For Organization

source: DIYs

When you think of pegboards, you probably think of plain-looking utility equipment generally hung up in people’s garages. However, with a little bit of creativity, pegboards can make for chic, organizational displays inside your home as well. Here are eight awesome ways to keep your home organized with pegboards.

1. Wrapping Supplies

source: Pinterest

Keep your ribbon, wrapping paper, and other gift wrapping supplies in one organized, visible place with a sheet of pegboard.

2. Desk Storage

If you’re dealing with limited space, a small desk and a pegboard on the wall above it can keep all of your work supplies neatly organized.

3. Kitchen Supplies

source: Inspired by Charm

If you don’t have much drawer or cupboard space, a pegboard in the kitchen can help store and organize your kitchen tools and other essentials.

4. Kids Craft Area

source: Houzz.com

Turn a messy craft area into a neat and tidy one by using a pegboard to store paints, markers, and other craft supplies.

5. Jewelry Organizer

source: the36thavenue.com

Keep your jewelry organized and tangle-free by hanging it on a pegboard. This one was painted and displayed in a pretty frame!

6. Mug Storage

source: astudyincontrasts.com

Create a cozy coffee station with easily accessible mugs hanging from a pegboard.

7. Spool Holder

Avid sewers and quilters will love the idea of using a pegboard as a spool holder.

8. Garden Supplies

Hang up your garden tools in one neat, clean, and organized space using a pegboard!