Great Hack For Soothing A Newborn Baby

source: Abigail Rivera Garcia /Facebook

As parents, we try to do anything and everything we can to soothe our cranky babies. Not only do we want them to be more comfortable, but a peaceful, sleeping baby is also beneficial to us! It can be next to impossible to catch a break when you have a newborn, but one clever mom discovered the most simple, perfect way to do so.

Abigail Rivera Garcia is a mom from Massachusetts with two children, both of whom were premature. Her newborn daughter, Anayah, was born seven weeks before her due date, and suffers from colic and reflux as a result. Abigail explained that because of this, Anayah is super cranky and wants to be held constantly. Abigail wasn’t even able to put her down for 10 minutes without Anayah crying.

That’s where this hack comes in. Abigail had seen something similar done on Pinterest, and thought she might as well give it a try. All she did was fill a plastic glove with rice, then secured the end of the glove with an elastic. She then placed the glove on Anayah’s back, which gave her instant relief and comfort. The feeling is akin to a mother placing her hand on the child’s back, which helps to soothe them and allows them to sleep more soundly.

“Of course, everyone has their own opinion on this hack,” revealed Abigail. “Some like it and some don’t, but every mother knows their child. My daughter loves it, and is doing just fine. I had to post it because I know how hard it is to not have a break, and if I can help a mom out, I definitely will!” she continued.

Although this hack may not work for every child, and you might have your own feelings about it, it’s awesome that this simple solution worked for Abigail and Anayah. Being a new mom is extremely hard work, and we’re glad that this mother-daughter duo were both able to get some relief! Thanks to Love What Matters for sharing this cute, helpful story!