12 Genius Cleaning Hacks For Hard-To-Clean Items

source:Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / A Typical English Home

Most of us have a general cleaning routine when it comes to our homes. However, there are certain items that we just do not know how to clean. Certain fabrics, finishes, and surfaces can pose questions. Well, we’re here to answer those cleaning questions for you!

1. Shower Curtains/Liners

Most of us don’t give our shower curtains and liners a second thought. However, they need to be cleaned regularly in order to eliminate mold, mildew, and bacteria. Fabric shower curtains can be thrown in the washing machine, while plastic liners can be scrubbed clean using baking soda and distilled vinegar.

2. Hard Water Stains

If your chrome or stainless sinks and fixtures are covered in hard water stains, all you need is distilled vinegar and a soft cloth to make them sparkle again.

3. Makeup Brushes

source: Today

Considering makeup brushes are constantly coming into contact with makeup and your face, they quickly accumulate bacteria. Clean your makeup brushes regularly by gently massaging them with warm water and lemon essential oil before rinsing with cool water and leaving to air dry.

4. Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans quickly pile up with dust and make a perfect home for dust mites. Ensure that you clean them regularly using a damp cloth or rag.

5. Microfiber Furniture

To safely remove stains from microfiber furniture, fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and apply the solution to the stains. Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe at the stains before letting them air dry.

6. Mattresses

source: Hunker

Mattresses can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol as well, just like with microfiber furniture. You can also sprinkle baking soda onto your mattress, let it sit, and vacuum up the residue a few hours later.

7. Computer Screens And Keyboards

To clean and disinfect your laptop screens and keyboards, spray some rubbing alcohol on a microfiber cloth and wipe down your computer’s surfaces. You can use a Q-tip to get the hard-to-reach places in between the keys.

8. Cast Iron Skillets

To remove built-up grease and other food from your cast iron skillets, sprinkle them with coarse salt and use a halved potato to scrub the bottom and sides clean. Don’t forget to rinse afterwards!

9. Porcelain

source: Beth Dreyer

Porcelain sinks and bathtubs can become stained over time. To make them look new again, use a mixture of distilled vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide to scrub them clean.

10. Irons

Irons get built up with residue over time. To clean them, apply a paste of baking soda and water to the iron, then gently scrub the iron. Wipe clean with a damp cloth afterwards.

11. Washing Machines

To clean and deodorize your washing machine, run a warm water cycle (with no clothes) and toss in a cup of distilled vinegar.

12. Water Stains On Wood

To get rid of white water stains on wood tables, apply mayonnaise to the stains and cover them with saran wrap. Let sit overnight, then wipe off with a damp cloth the following day.