Front-Load Vs. Top-Load Washing Machines: Which Type Is Best?

source: Whirlpool

High-quality washing machines aren’t cheap. That’s why if you’re shopping around for a new one, you want it to be the best suited for you and your family. For decades, top-load washing machines were the standard. But now, front-load washing machines are extremely popular. There are pros and cons to both, so I thought I’d go ahead and compile them here for you to help you out!

source: Bellingham Electric

Appearance: Front-Load Washers

Front-load washers tend to be the most popular these days. They have circular doors allowing you to see the laundry churning around inside. Some people may not like seeing their laundry at work, while others (like me) pay no notice to it. One style benefit of front-load washer and dryers is that you can have a countertop installed over top of the machines to use for sorting and folding laundry. Of course, you can’t have a countertop over top-load washers.

Appearance: Top-Load Washers

New top-load washers tend to look very sleek and streamlined. Older models aren’t the most sightly. Your choice in terms of appearance will likely depend on whether or not you’re looking to have a folding counter installed.

Functionality: Front-Load Washers

Quite possibly the biggest downside of front-load washers is having to constantly bend down to put the laundry in and take it out. This can be very uncomfortable for people with mobility and back issues, or the elderly. However, people in wheelchairs would find front-load washers a necessity – so it all depends on the person and household in question!

Functionality: Top-Load Washers

For the first time in years, we are living in a house with a top-load washer. And although it’s not as stylish as the front-load washer from our old house, I must say that I love not having to crunch down and strain my back to get the laundry in and out.

Efficiency: Front-Load Washers

Front-load washers have a few perks that top-load washers do not. Firstly, they don’t have that middle agitator, so they tend to be much quieter. Secondly, bigger items like bedding tend to fit better in front-load washers, as they don’t have the agitator to work around. Another perk is that unlike top-load washers, front-load washers are stackable. This is a huge saving grace for people who don’t have much space to dedicate to a washer-dryer combo. And lastly, they use less water and detergent compared to top-load washers.

Efficiency: Top-Load Washers

Although top-load washers can be loud, they tend to have much quicker cycles (I can speak to this!), and you easily have the option of adding more laundry in during the cycle.

Cost & Maintenance: Front-Load Washers

As mentioned, front-load washers require less water and detergent, which are both cost savings. However, the cost of the machine itself tends to be more than top-load washers. Front-load washing machines usually don’t require repairs as often, but they are more expensive to repair than a top-load machine.

Cost & Maintenance: Top-Load Washers

You may use more water and detergent with top-load washers, but the machine itself will cost you less. They also have a longer lifespan than front-load washers.

source: Rue Magazine

In Conclusion

As you now know, there are pros and cons to both front-load and top-load washing machines. When it comes to efficiency and durability, a top-load washer takes the cake. But when it comes to the stacking option and water conservation, the front-load washer wins. Identify your space, as well as your laundry needs, and you’ll be able to pick the machine that’s best for you and your family!