Food Artist Makes Incredible Sculptures Out Of Fruit

source: Daniele Barresi

When you think of the word “artist,” the first thought that likely comes to your mind is someone who creates something on paper, canvas, or with pottery. However, the artist whose work we’re about to show you has a very unique medium: food. Daniele Barresi is an Australian artist who creates incredible, intricate sculptures using fruits, vegetables, and other food. His work speaks for itself, so without further adieu…

1. Watermelon

source: Daniele Barresi

Wow. Look at the roses in the background! How could someone ever eat this stunning watermelon creation?

2. Broccoli

Would you have ever thought that broccoli could be so beautiful?

3. Ginger

Knobbly old ginger was given a stunning makeover here.

4. Avocado

For such a soft fruit, Daniele managed to carve out this avocado as though it was made of marble.

5. Pear

This pear is so gorgeous, it looks as though it belongs in a frame!

6. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes just got a whole lot more glamorous.

7. White Radish

source: Daniele Barresi

A more majestic white radish has never existed.

8. Melon

This melon looks like a beautiful pin cushion!

9. Cheese

Just when I thought cheese couldn’t possibly get any more glorious.

10. Soap

So this isn’t exactly food, but I couldn’t not share this incredible soap creation with you. Yes, this is truly soap!

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