This Air Filter Subscription Service Started By Two NASCAR Drivers Is Handy For Businesses And Homeowners Alike

source: Filter Time

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When you become a homeowner, there is suddenly an ever-growing list of repairs and maintenance to be done. There are the more obvious tasks, like cleaning eavestroughs and fixing leaky pipes, and then there are the more back-of-mind chores, like checking and replacing your air filters. I never realized the importance of replacing air filters until our HVAC system bit the dust one day (pun intended). After multiple months of renovating, the ducts and in turn, air filter, became clogged with renovation material to the point where our HVAC system was struggling to circulate air. But because air filters aren’t something you tend to think about on a daily basis, we completely forgot to change them.

Well, this is pretty much how the concept for FilterTime was born. NASCAR driver Blake Koch had experienced his two best years as a NASCAR driver and decided it was time to pursue something a little bit different. In 2018, Blake didn’t know much about air filters, but knew that indoor air quality was important and that the process of replacing air filters should be simple. After experiencing the complexities of buying air filters, Blake was positive there was a better solution out there.

source: FilterTime

Now that Blake had come up with the idea for his next venture, he needed a partner. Blake had always respected fellow NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s prowess for marketing and branding, and knew that Dale would have the same drive and motivation to launch the company as Blake did. And so, the partnership was formed, and FilterTime was officially off to the races (pun also intended).

source: FilterTime

So, how does it work? FilterTime allows both home and business owners to sign up for their air filter subscription service using a timeline that makes sense for them. All you have to do is choose your desired filter size, quality, and delivery schedule. When your air filter shows up on your doorstep, you’ll automatically know it’s time to change that filter. Regularly replacing your HVAC system’s air filter not only helps the system to function properly, but it also ensures that the air you and your loved ones are breathing is clean and safe. This is especially important for those with allergies, or if you’ve recently renovated (use my story as a lesson).

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Before setting up your subscription, you’ll first need to locate your air filter which is usually in the wall or ceiling returns of your HVAC unit. If there is currently an air filter in place, the size should be printed on the cardboard edge. If the size is not visible, just measure the filter or the space where the filter goes. You’ll also want to determine your preferred quality of air filter. Factors like how many people live in the home, if you have pets, the location of your home, and if anyone in the home has allergies or breathing problems will also factor in to your quality needs.

And lastly, just choose the frequency with which you want to replace your filters. Standard 1″ filters are rated for up to 90 days of use. When you go to replace your air filter, it should look dirty, but not so dirty that you wonder when on earth it was last changed. Air filters are only able to keep the air in your home clean and keep your HVAC system functioning properly if they are changed regularly.

source: FilterTime

It’s as simple as that! With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, free shipping, and an ability to cancel your subscription at any time, FilterTime was designed for assisting home and business owners with caring for their HVAC systems and the air they breathe. With super competitive pricing and hundreds of thousands of air filters shipped across the United States to-date, a FilterTime subscription is a must for homeowners. To learn more and sign up for your subscription, head on over to the FilterTime website.

Tired of forgetting to buy and replace the air filters in your home? With FilterTime, you’ll be able to easily knock one more chore off your to-do list.