10 Everyday Objects With Little-Known Yet Cool Uses

sources: Allstate Blog / Imgur

We tend to think that many objects we use each and every day are only good for their one main purpose. However, many common items around the house have surprising alternate uses that are designed to make our lives that much easier. Read ahead to see which objects around your home are actually designed to be dual-purpose!

1. Oven

The drawer beneath your oven likely stores baking sheets, pans, and any other cookware you weren’t able to fit in your cupboards. However, did you know that drawer is actually a warming drawer? It’s meant to keep your food warm when it’s out of the oven but waiting to be eaten. How genius is that?

2. Pasta Ladle

source: PopSugar

If you’ve ever thought that hole in your pasta ladle is random, it isn’t. The hole is designed to measure the recommended spaghetti serving amount for one person. Who knew?

3. Bread Tags

Have you ever noticed that your bread tags are different colors? Well, the colors actually have a secret meaning. They tell us which day of the week the bread was delivered to the store, making it easier for grocery shop employees to determine freshness.

4. Cooking Pots

source: imgur.com

Don’t have a spoon rest? Well, you may not need one. The holes in the ends of your pot and pan handles are designed to hold your spoons while cooking. How convenient!

5. Jeans

Have you ever thought that the small upper pocket on your jeans is completely useless because it doesn’t fit anything? Actually, the small pocket was designed to easily store a pocket watch back in the day. Pretty cool!

6. Gas Meter

You know that little arrow beside the gas icon on your car’s gas meter? Well, that’s there to remind drivers which side of the vehicle their gas tank is on!

7. Apple Sauce Lid

source: ThriftyFun

If you go to enjoy your applesauce or Greek yoghurt and don’t have a spoon, don’t worry. The foil lids were designed to be strong enough to mould into an instant spoon.

8. Juice Box

source: Pinterest

You know those two tabs on either side of your juice box? Those were designed to be held while drinking so that the juice doesn’t spill out everywhere (as it does when you hold the juice box from the middle of the carton).

9. Pens

You know those holes on the end of your pen caps? Well, those are there because pen caps are one of the most commonly choked-on items out there. The hole is there to allow air to pass through your windpipe in case you accidentally swallow one.

10. Drink Lids

When you get a fast food coffee or soft drink, the plastic lid is also designed to become a coaster for your beverage when you’re sitting at a table or other stable surface. Pretty neat!